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Weird green bug

This strange thing I've never teen before is attacking my tomatoes and leaving holes in the leaves, can someone please tell me what it is! The picture that is dark on top is the top side of the critter the other photo is the underside of the critter


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Kalkaska County MI insect issues vegetable gardening 6 months ago

Green bug

What is the strange bug that is chewing holes in my tomato plants this year I've never seen them before


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Kalkaska County MI 6 months ago

What bug is causing this and how can I get it to stop?

Blackeye susan or daisy leaf Zinnia Leaves How Can I stop this bug? Plants have afternoon sun Oriental Poppy curled up, brown leaves and buds were cut before they bloomed. Never before.



Kalkaska County MI flower pests leaf spot 6 months ago

Township special meeting

Hello. I'm having difficulty finding the correct answer. My question being if Township residents call a special meeting by means of the Township Clerk, at that meeting can the township residents make a motion, vote ? And the Township Board have to follow the outcome of the vote? Thank you, Grace Beland 231 676 2815 gracebeland@gmail.com


Kalkaska County MI local government over 1 year ago

Sedum, Invasive

How can one control/kill sedum that has become invasive in the lawn which is in a residential area?


Kalkaska County MI lawns and turf weed issues horticulture over 5 years ago

Providing Food For Ruffed Grouse/Partridges

A person came into our office who has 1/4 of an acre in the U.P. of Michigan that he sprayed heavily with glyphosate and wants to plant any of the following plants - crab apple, hawthorne, dogwood, sumac, viburnum, buffaloberry, wild grape, bittersweet, bush honeysuckle or autumn olive. But he needs to know if they'll survive in the U.P and with having sprayed the acreage with the glyphosate, if he can still plant any of those plants mentioned. He wants to provide food for Ruffed Grouse/Partridges. He also would appreciate any other input or information you may have on providing food/habitat for these birds.


Kalkaska County MI about 5 years ago

Unknown weed in garden

I had a lady stop in from a local church garden here in Kalkaska MI and she brought in this weeds that she says is over taking her garden. She has tried pulling it and mentioned using hot water to kill it, but always comes back. Can you identify this weed for her so she can get a plan of action to get rid of it for good?


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Kalkaska County MI weed identification 4 months ago

Sell smoked meat wholesale

I Smoke Meats, and a lot of people in my town want to buy. A lot of them own stores and restaurants who would love to have my sandwiches in their store. But I don't know what license I need, or how to get the proper licensing.



Kalkaska County MI cottage food law 9 months ago

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