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Coggins requirement for State Show Delegates

I would like to delete this question. It has come to my attention that the May first deadline for coggins reports is a county requirement and not a state requirement.

With the essential/nonessential services that our vets are faced with...Will there be any leeway on coggins test/reports and their due date? I am horse superintendent for Jackson County and we are trying to meet the May 1st deadline for horse certificates and coggins. I have several members in a panic because A: either their animal is at a boarding facility and they are asked to stay away or B: they are not being able to get the coggins pulled because it is deemed nonessential. Will a letter from the vet be sufficient to meet the guidelines for state show?

Jackson County Michigan about 1 month ago

Selling standing grass hay near Jackson, MI

We have about 20 acres of standing hay to sell. We are looking for a farmer who would be willing to harvest this hay.

Jackson County Michigan 12 months ago

Seadoo dead cylinder

I have a 1995 seadoo sp with a dead cylinder, I have changed plugs and put in a new coil. Front cylinder when plug is removed will run on the rear cylinder. When I do the opposite it will not run


Jackson County Michigan almost 4 years ago

pond fish quality

is there a resource to do an evaluation of fish numbers and quality of private ponds? i have approximately a 1/2 acre pond that has bass, bluegill and hybrid bluegill in it. there are several springs and i keep it aerated with a windmill. it seems the bass are stunted. biggest ones i catch are 14-18" the pond is 5 years old and it was stocked then with 50 bass and 200 hybrid bluegill. every year i fish out 30-50 bluegill to try and keep them from overpopulating. i feel like i am doing some things correctly but it would be helpful to have an expert advise me on this.

thanks in advance for any help, Anthony Brown (jackson county mi)


Jackson County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Can we find what species rose this is?

I know this is a rose. I was wondering if we could figure what kind. When I took a picture and submitted it brought up everything but a rose.



Jackson County Michigan about 4 years ago

composting with pine needles

Is composting with white pine needles a good idea?


Jackson County Michigan about 7 years ago

Maple Tree Identification

Hello. There are two maple trees in the yard of our new house and I would appreciate your help Identifying them. The leaves look similar but the second tree’s leaves look slightly variegated. Thank you!



Jackson County Michigan 11 months ago

soil test results

It was suggested after having my soil tested #DFD4L2 that the organic fertilizer I should use is 3-0-3. Any idea where I can purchase? Shipping cost almost as much as the product from the one and only website that I found.


Jackson County Michigan almost 4 years ago

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