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Oak mites

We got a logging truck load of oak to use as firewood. Our barn cat has taken up residency in this huge “jungle gym” She now seems to have an apparent case of ear mites- not a problem we’ve seen with her previously. As we were researching mites in general came across oak mites. Is something we have in the Upper Pennisula? Do you know if these can transfer to pets and humans??? Thank you.


Iron County Michigan about 2 years ago

Potato disease

I have what looks like bean rust on my potato leaves and they are curling. I've always had trouble with tomato blight but my potatoes have never had any trouble at all. They are planted in a different spot every year and this year are NOT planted where any tomatoes were last year. It doesn't really look like the brown spot disease pictured so I'm not sure what it is or what to do about it...... Thanks for your help.


Iron County Michigan 12 months ago

Keyholing Definitions for Lake Zoning Ordinances

Please let me know the references to any Michigan Court of Appeals decisions about key holing definitions


Iron County Michigan over 4 years ago

Pricing produce

How do I know what to charge for my produce at a farmers market?


Iron County Michigan over 4 years ago

Hulless oats as rabbit feed

Want to set up 400 doe rabbit ranch in empty 60 cow dairy barn. Figure 5 litters per doe, so producing about 16,000 fryers. Butcher about 300 per week. Would have my own small feed pellet mill. Make my own rabbit feed pellets daily. Looking for info on ingredient formulas, including hulless oats and grass/alfalfa hay. Hulless oats and grass/alfalfa will be home grow. Goal is to buy as little feed as possible.


Iron County Michigan about 6 years ago

Apple Tree

Can you tell me what happened to this perfectly healthy apple tree? Will it effect other fruit trees any fix? Am sending two pictures. Thank you.



Iron County Michigan about 5 years ago

accessory buildings

Our present zoning requires that a residential home must be built before an accessory building is allowed. Since we are in a rural area, this has been a major issue and we would like to revise this zoning to allow accessory building in all districts within limitations. Any documentation or direction you can provide would be certainly appreciated.


Iron County Michigan over 7 years ago

Mold in raspberries

In a 1# container of fresh raspberries there were 3 moldy raspberries. After removing the moldy berries and those near is it safe to use the rest of the berries for jam?


Iron County Michigan almost 6 years ago

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