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Selling Beef/Turkey Jerky to Restaurants or other businesses.

This is Wellman's Party & Bait, we just recently got approved for the variance. We want to move forward and begin selling our products wholesale to other establishments. We already have other Wholesale Fish Dealer License, so we will start by wholesaling our Fish products. To sell our meat, beef and turkey, to other establishments what other licensing do we need?



Iosco County MI about 3 years ago

Rezoning Mobile Home Park

If a community's vision of a property is Mixed Residential on their Future Land Use map and Master Plan, can the Planning Commission initiate a rezoning? I understand the current use (only 6 remaining mobile homes) would be non-conforming.
Are there laws protecting these parks from rezonings? The community does have other mobile home areas currently.


Iosco County MI about 3 years ago

Lygus bug (or Thatcher Plant Bug) infestation in garden

I'm a new gardener and new to the state. This year I'm having a horrible time with TPB. They started out in my corn and raspberries and have now spread through my entire garden. I am an organic gardener and have tried Neem oil and a peppermint and alcohol homemade spray with no luck. I've spent hours plucking them by hand and keeping them in a jar to flush. While not currently detrimental to my veggies, I do believe they are causing my Roma tomatoes to grow funny looking. I'm worried that the infestation will cause loss of crop, however I cannot find sufficient information via Internet. Looking for answers, preferably organic, but also desperate.


Iosco County MI over 5 years ago

Hi Folks, I've attached images of an insect I've seen this summer at Tawas...

Hi Folks,
I've attached images of an insect I've seen this summer at Tawas City, MI in the RV park where I stay. They are generally around wet areas and often found in covers that I remove from chairs, etc. They seem to be somewhat aggressive, but not very fast and easy to avoid.

Can you tell me what it is?

Bob Remington


Bug_1_300x300%2523 Bug_2_300x300%2523

Iosco County MI over 3 years ago

Tomato plant damage

Referencing the attached photos, what is wrong with my tomato plants? What may have been the cause? Any resolution?
My cucumbers, peppers and zucchini are fine.
Gary W


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Iosco County MI 6 months ago

growing plants in a greenhouse

I plan on using raised beds should I try to bottom water or put put socker hoses on top. I wanted to use seeds that are not treated or genetically engineered and people are trying to tell me if I do I will have all kinds of fungus in my greenhouse. Do I need fans? I plan on growing many different kinds of greens but would also like to do some early tomatoes. I did start all my garden plants this year in the greenhouse and now would like to grow year round. Could you recommend books that would help me. Thank You Linda


Iosco County MI over 7 years ago

What is eating/killing my cucumber plants?

Hi, My cucumber plants are dying, the stem is either splitting open or something is eating it. The stems are opening up and then the plant dies. I have a attached a picture of stems. I hope you can help me save my plants! Regards, Kristine


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Iosco County MI 7 months ago

black bug

we have a very small black fly like bug mostly in the bath room . we have a vent in there and thought they may be coming from there but we have sprayed . it is very small they seem to like water as I find them in the tub . we have never had them before . we live in the country .built the house 12 yrs. ago. thanks for any help . there is not a real lot but see some everyday .


Iosco County MI about 5 years ago

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