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Unknown rock

I have a rock that looks very interesting and I have no idea what it is I could send pics


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Ionia County MI geology over 1 year ago

sand burrs

we have multiple ball fields with nasty sand burrs. how to you suggest getting rid of them?


Ionia County MI weed issues over 5 years ago

peach tree bark splits

Splits in peach tree bark have opened within the last few days. I'm certain of the timing, because I've been spraying trees, and had carefully gone over the bark of these trees earlier this week. There was one small split on one tree at that time. Now two trees have severe damage. I see no sign of discolored wood, sap/resin, or other exudate in or near the splits. The only possible cause I'm familiar with is freeze damage over the winter. Would such splits open now (early spring)? If freezing is the cause, how should I manage the damaged trees? One source suggests carefully cutting around the wound with a sharp, sterilized knife to encourage healing. These trees are in a home orchard (about a half-dozen each of apple and peach trees). So if this is disease damage, should I consider removing the affected trees to prevent disease spread to the rest of the orchard? Thanks for your advice!


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Ionia County MI fruit trees peach trees 9 months ago

Suspected fungi issue

I am referring to a 3-inch thick carpet of yellow (suspected) fungi. The problem started a few years ago and today covers a 60-foot by 80-foot area and is spreading by wind and on contact. I suspect the Canada geese could be the culprit for they used this land as a layover.

The soil is sandy loam and was dredged on a permit in 1989. The soil is not treated grass with 50% weeds and 12-inch areas exposed bare sand/loam. The weeds and grass are taken over by this (suspected) fungi. The spores are active when the plants start to produce yellow flowers. The sun will dry out plants. The plants lay down until they are in (3 to 6) inch pods. The sun will activate and the plant rises up. The pods are soon joined into a 2 to 3 inch high -- 3 to 6 foot thick yellow carpet. The grass is forced out and is replaced in days by the yellow plant.

How can I eradicate this?

The area faces south on the north end of Jose Lake. The area is located in the north west area of Iosco County.


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Ionia County MI lawns and turf weed issues over 4 years ago

what is this?

Can tomatoes be safely canned from this plant ...obviously not the rotted ones but what's going on with this plant?



Ionia County MI canning tomato problem home food preservation over 3 years ago

I have ash seeds.

A friend of mine has collected Ash seeds from a tree in his yard in Ionia county. Is there anyone collecting them or should he spread them in his woods.


Ionia County MI trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

I have a line of purple smoke bushes along back side of our house. One of...

I have a line of purple smoke bushes along back side of our house. One of them (end) has developed what appears to be some kind of disease. What started as a couple of branches, is now most of the branches that are displaying yellow or wilted leaves. What is this and what can I do about it?



Ionia County MI trees and shrubs over 4 years ago

Raised Bed Gardening / Soil

I plan on going to raised bed gardening next year...I have two beds 10ft x 5ft. x 16in. ..I plan on a mix of 60% organic top soil, 30% organic compost, 10 percent soilless growing mix that contains peat moss, perlite and/or vermiculite..Do you have any advise on this plan..I will be growing a mix of vegetables in these beds..


Ionia County MI over 5 years ago

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