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Help me get medical insurance

My husband has insurance but his work no longer pays for my insurance. I am 62 with a heart problem. I just inherited ten thousand dollars and want to go on Obamacare but can't because my husband makes too much money. He says he isn't going to pay for my health care with regular insurance that will cost $750. a month. Why can't I get Obamacare? Thanks ever so much.


Huron County MI over 6 years ago

Worms in sand on beach of Lake Huron

Wondering what these are covering our beach off Lake Huron (Saginaw bay). I do have a video but is not an option to upload. Thanks ! Will include photo.



Huron County MI 10 months ago

Growing catnip from seed

What are the conditions required of a grower to successfully germinate and grow catnip in a greenhouse environment for transplant to field? Is scarification or stratification of seeds, or both necessary for germination? Are there other unknown conditions we should be aware of that will increases the success of the growing operation?
Thank you.


Huron County MI over 5 years ago

Quality Beef Assurance certification

I would like to be certified online. Is that possible and if it is what is the site that I need to go to.


Huron County MI over 1 year ago

weed control

what % roundup mixture is necessary to kill the purslane weed?


Huron County MI over 6 years ago

Box Elder

Tree shoots all through my yard.How do I get rid off them


Huron County MI about 5 years ago

Thin Crown Oak Tree

What are your thoughts about an Oak tree being a little thin on crown leaves? They are growing in sand.

I've attempted to attach a few photos. Should I stay up all night worrying...chemicals?...treatment etc.?


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Huron County MI almost 4 years ago

Sap on black walnut tree leaves

My two 50+year old black walnut trees leaves are covered with sap, which is covering(and killing) nearby plants. Never saw this before.
The sap makes the tree branches heavy, but it has leaves out anchoring walnuts. The other dying plants are !ilacs( have been near over 50years) forsythia, and old-growth would yellow roses.


Huron County MI 10 months ago

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