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I received my results from MSU soil test : https://homesoiltest.msu.edu/your-results/code/TJDNNC

I was not able to locate the correct 3-2-3 ratio. Instead, I purchased 60% muriate of potash, 10% bone meal, and 12% blood meal. I have 250 sq ft of raised bed space. I did add some composted hores manure last weekend, so I'm assuming I can cut back on the fertilizer by 25%. Can you help me figure
how much of each to add to my garden ? I apologize if this is a duplicate email as I had service interruption. Thanks

Houghton County MI 29 days ago

flowering crab apple tree leaves turning patchy brown

Ornamental flowering crab apple tree in Hancock (Houghton County) MI (Upper Peninsula) leaves on outer branches are turning patchy brown and it's only mid-August. There has been no root disturbance, insecticides or herbicides used in the area. The tree was sprayed for a fungus years ago but no specific info available other than that.


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Houghton County MI almost 5 years ago

Smythe Test # 6633D8

OK...got my soil test back and I am trying to figure out what to use and how much!! HELP! I need to fertilize 16,180 sq feet that is ALL in deep shade under multiple maples.Then I need to seed with the correct seed that will grow in shade.
Thank you


Houghton County MI almost 6 years ago

pear pollinaton

Landowner here has a variety of pear that is growing well but isn't getting pollinated. Golden Spice variety; sources checked indicate it's "self-pollinating" however this is not the case. Which varieties of pear should be suggested as good cross-pollinators for the variety she has?


Houghton County MI almost 5 years ago

Ash Borer

I have 4 Ash tres in my yard. One has bee attack by the Ash Borer. What can I do to prefect the other 3?


Houghton County MI almost 3 years ago

cyclamen morphed into unidentifiable plant

I've attached two pictures of a cyclamen that is baffling me - I bought it in Fall, 2016 and it had flowers and looked like a typical cyclamen. I let it go dormant over the summer, brought it back out in the fall and it started growing quickly (no flowers) and now doesn't have the normal heart-shaped leaves - it has serrated blade-like leaves (picture 2). I believe it's in good growing conditions - lots of bright indirect light and I keep it in a colder part of the house (mid-to-low 60s at night), hoping to encourage bloom.

Is this normal? It doesn't even look like a cyclamen!


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Houghton County MI over 2 years ago

apple crop damage

Rather than trying to decipher the message myself I've chosen to post excerpts from an email from a local resident regarding apple and plum issues, compost questions, etc. Please advise! Thanks!

"I think we have coddling moths and apple maggots. My husband sprayed lime sulphur one or twice, but apparently, we need more input than just that. Can you give us some pointers to increase the quality of our crop?

I think I have coddling moths, because much of the fruit looked like this: and it got much worse in later fall as they had time to burrow around or it may be apple maggots

I think we also had some flyspeck and sooty blotch - those don't really bother me but I thought it might help I.D. our problems. I think we also have some tarnished plant bugs, but they don't make the whole apple unusable. We've had long grass under the trees which I think we need to remove and perhaps mulch. Is there a preferred mulch for apples?

Also, our plums had a boom year but many rotted from the inside out. You could see many small points of mold emergiing from the skins. I thinned the fruit several times, but apparently not enough. What was wrong and What treatments do I need to do to minimize that molding agian.

I'm looking for a list of what to do when this next year. I'd like the treatments to be as organic as possible, but I think our pests have built up over time so I may need some extra help from chemicals until I can get those numbers down.

I also wonder how easy it is to kill the pests if you compost. I'm not sure I can get our compost hot enough in the winter to take care of the fallen fruit I've picked up."


Houghton County MI over 6 years ago

Notice of planniong commission meeting

The Portage Township Planning commission is holding a special meeting to consider changes to the Zoning Ordinance, The Township has a web page & a bulletin board outside the Township Office to have notices of meeting posted, are posting required for this planning commission meeting required on both locations about the upcoming meeting? Is the agenda required to be posted & can the public request other changes to the zoning plan?


Houghton County MI over 2 years ago

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