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My mattress retains body heat .

My memory foam mattress retains body heat making it difficult to sleep, will placing heat reflecting material on top of the mattress help to keep me cool?


Hillsdale County MI almost 4 years ago

Grapes buds are not growing

I have 5 year old grape vines that are budded (green buds) and have started to swell and just stopped. I should have several feet of growth by now. What is happening?



Hillsdale County MI almost 2 years ago

can you register a mini shetland when only the sire is registered?

I have had a mini shetland given to me and the sire is registered but the dam is not, could I register the foal?


Hillsdale County MI almost 7 years ago

Sick cherry tree

I live in Hillsdale and I have a large cherry tree in my back yard. I am not sure of the exact type of cherry, but it doesn't fruit, at least I have never known it to fruit. It is a large tree with four or five large trunks branching off from the base. This summer I noticed one whole trunk has died. It didn't leaf at all this summer. The trunk of the tree seems to weeping sap and the bark is beginning to peel back. I've noticed that this seems to be spreading to the other trunks. I've attached pictures below. Is there any hope of saving the tree?


Tree_1_300x300%2523 Tree_2_300x300%2523 Tree_3_300x300%2523

Hillsdale County MI over 2 years ago

Conflict of interest

I am the chairman of my township's Planning Commission. Two members of the commission have a clear (they both admit this freely) conflict of interest with an agenda item. What is the statute that specifically applies to their level of involvement on this agenda item? They will not vote and have not in the past on this issue. However, should they sit in the audience, leave the room, or even speak on the issue via email?


Hillsdale County MI about 5 years ago

Manistee form based code class

Is the class a one-night class and how many hours long is it? Will the class be held at another time and place in 2016?


Hillsdale County MI over 4 years ago

Should I prune my BLACK raspberries after harvest?

I have received Yes from some and NO from others. Previous answer related to RED raspberries. Black seems to do very well in the wild here in Michigan.


Hillsdale County MI almost 6 years ago

Citronella cuttings

How often should I water my citronella cuttings that I am trying to get to root?


Hillsdale County MI about 1 year ago

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