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Is this a badger track???

I found these tracks in my local woods where I walk each day. The only thing that I could find in my tracking book that seemed possible were badger tracks although badger's around here are very rare.

Please let me know your thoughts. The width of the trail/track was about 8 inches


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Gratiot County MI over 2 years ago

Wierd Maple Flagging and death-not verticilian wilt

have seen many tree scattered thru Gratiot county, branches flag and leaves die but not staining in larger wood nor on leaves. has been happening over last couple years, with the flagged/dead branches increasing till tree barren. what is causing the flagging and death.

no insect damage noted, various locations and settings back yard, street, lakeside, middle of woods,.....


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Gratiot County MI almost 3 years ago

What are the best varities of fruit trees to grow?

I will be relocating to Michigan from Southern California in the next few years to property I own in Carson City (Gratiot County) and I would like to plant fruit trees now so they will hopefully be producing when I arrive on a full-time basis. I am interested in growing apples, pears, cherries, and nectarines. The problem is I can't seem to find a list of varieties that grow best and there are so many varieties out there! Can you point me in the direction of a good resource for this type of informaiton?

Thank you,

Viki Jacobsen


Gratiot County MI over 6 years ago

Keeping bugs from root vegetables

Client called asking what to mix in the soil when planting rutabaga or carrots to keep bugs away. What do you recommend?


Gratiot County MI almost 3 years ago

Wild mushoom

I was wondering what kind of mushroom this is... I found in Michigan, next to an oak tree. I'm thinking hen of the woods... Anyone have an idea?



Gratiot County MI over 4 years ago

What kind of tree is it?????

Hello, What kind of pine tree has the BIG Branches like a Saguaro Cactus. Thank you very much for your time. Bill, in St. Louis MICHIGAN.


Gratiot County MI over 1 year ago

zoning in small older communities

We are being advised by an official with vast experience in zoning, that it is unheard of to allow additions to a building that is deemed as nonconforming.As an example,A home that was built prior to zoning enactment and is now a nonconforming structure due to being too close to the east side lot line, only. Is it advisable to allow a twenty by twenty addition to the west side of the house with no issues with any setbacks? And if you can answer this, what percentage of communities would allow this?


Gratiot County MI over 3 years ago

white pines are dying

I live in central mi & my white pine tree needles are turning yellow.My trees are 50 ft tall & are 40 to 45 years old.the yellow needles seem to start at the end of the branches and work inward. It takes the tree
around 2 years to dye completely. (meaning the tree is free of all needles).An arborist looked at the tree
and said it was a fungal disease. Would like to know if he is right since he wants to drill the trees and put a chemical into the trunk in the spring.the cost would be $70 per tree and he thought they would last another 10 years.since i have a lot of these trees (20) around my home this would be costly.
Is there something i can do to stop the dying process?
does this sound like a fungal problem?
what kind of a chemical would he be using?


Gratiot County MI over 4 years ago

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