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Sick trees

I have two conifers that are clearly unhealthy and want to find out what ails them. I've sent in soil samples but do not have results back yet. Qualitatively, soil is very sandy with little organic matter. Other adjacent oaks and pines appear to be healthy.

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Grand Traverse County MI 9 months ago

My hosta

Something is shredding the stems of my hosta in 3 different gardens. My local garden centers don’t know what it is. Can you help?

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Grand Traverse County MI over 1 year ago

Cottage food law safety

I would like to do a cupcake that includes candied bacon. Is candied bacon considered safe under the cottage food law? Would I be able to do this and still be within the acceptable guidelines?


Grand Traverse County MI over 2 years ago

Plant identification

Hi, I quit mowing beneath a red oak and stand of white pine last year and now have many of these plants. The leaves resemble poison ivy but with a pair of leaves lower on the stem.The growth is upright and the foliage quite soft. Hoping you might be able to tell me what it is. I think it's pretty but want to make sure it's not poison or invasive. Thanks, John


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Grand Traverse County MI plant identification 7 months ago

Specimen tree ID help

Hi there I am looking for help (again) to identify this plant. I have lots of good natives in the yard that I've uncovered, but this one is stumping me.




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Grand Traverse County MI trees and shrubs wildflowers and native plants over 6 years ago

safety of gravel paths around raised bed vegetable garden

Is it safe to use a gravel base under granite pea gravel on paths surrounding raised bed vegetable gardens. Should I be concerned about lime leaching into the soil from the gravel. I would like to keep the garden as organic as possible. Is using barrier cloth preferred to gravel in these situations


Grand Traverse County MI fruits and vegetables over 6 years ago

Agronomic practices may cause cold damage prevention

Is there any agronomic practices can improve the resistance of grapevine to winter cold damage?


Grand Traverse County MI grapes horticulture small fruit 12 months ago

Help in Identifying a Fungus - Northern MI

Greetings, On a hike yesterday around Boardman Lake in Traverse City, I came across this I interesting fungus or mold. It has appeared recently after it has been raining. It was in the leaf litter along a boardwalk that is around the lake. If you poked it with a stick it was a very thick, sticky consistency- similar to a putty or peanut butter.



Grand Traverse County MI over 1 year ago

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