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Need help identifying an interesting shrub

I am the lone Extension professional (actually 4-H) in the office for a while--need help identifying this shrub, due to time constraints (attached photos). I have several other photos the client provided, if needed, but nowhere to attach them here. On behalf of the client, thanks,so much!


Hedge_1_300x300%2523 Hedge_leaves_1_300x300%2523 Hedge_3_300x300%2523

Gogebic County MI almost 6 years ago


I have a lake home near Little Girls Point, Ironwood, on Lake Superior. Since the big storm 3 years ago, we have experienced serious erosion which may even put our house in jeopardy. What ideas do you have to stem the tide and who do you recommend we contact in this area for help? The soil is clay and we are high on a cliff. Thank you. Marilyn Hedstrand



Gogebic County MI 12 months ago

How intuitive are toads?

I know that drinking water from a river, lake, or stream of sorts may be a bad decision to consume before it is deemed tested and purified according to most water specialists.. One can become very sick if the water is not clean enough. I knew a fiend that became so ill, he had to spend 7 days in the hospital and was very, very sick following the hospital through the recovery stage..I know frogs live in or near water that is mostly non-drinkable, but a toad mostly just lives around the water, not directly residing in it from what I gather from reading.. But more or less if I recall correctly, I have seen toads more residing around water that is healthy enough to drink without getting sick or having to boil it before it is drinkable. My question is can a toad be instinctively aware if the water is pure enough to drink and/or can they drink any kind of water. Meaning; if the toad was able to smell or instinctively somehow tell the difference between water that is heathy enough to ingest verses other types of water that are not healthy enough to drink.. The reason I am asking is because I lived outside in the wilderness for a prolonged period of time, and I did notice that toads were spotted mostly near spring water or water that was healthy enough to drink before the need to boil it prior to purify it etc.. Is there a chance toads can distinctively determine the difference between water that is healthy or unhealthy to consume, and if so how do or would they know?



Gogebic County MI almost 2 years ago

Blue-headed Bull Frog

About 6 years back, I found what looked like a regular bull frog, but it had a blue head instead of a green one. I found it in a small pond in the U.P. Of Michigan. I never took a picture of it (didn’t think of it), and haven’t been able to find anything about it online. It’s been bugging me since, I just HAVE to know what it is!


Gogebic County MI almost 2 years ago

Pine Trees to Plant in Ironwood, MI

We are purchasing a cabin one mile south of Lake Superior and butted up to a National Forest north of Ironwood, Michigan.

I have a choice of purchasing trees from my WI County Land Conservation Department but I want to pick the best of them for screening the neighbors out and will hold up to all the weight of the snow. My choices are: Cooks Balsam Fir, Norway (Red Pine), White Pine, White Spruce, Norway Spruce, or Colorado Blue Spruce. Which do you recommend? Thanks! Carol


Gogebic County MI about 1 year ago

What do I use to stop bugs eating my pine trees?

I have a group of Pine trees in my yard and one by one something is eating them. What do I use to stop this?


Gogebic County MI about 2 years ago

What is this plant?

This shrub is growing where an apple tree had died and was cut down. Before it flowered I thought it was growing back but now I'm not sure.

  1. There is just one bloom at the end of the branch, not clusters along the entire branch like the other apple trees.
  2. It bloomed almost a month after the other apple trees bloomed. In fact, the other trees have lost their blossoms and these are just now beginning to bud.
  3. Some have suggested wild rose but it doesn't seem to fit because the leaves are smooth edged and not shiney. There are also no thorns.
  4. Apple blossoms also have yellow stamens and these appear to be pink or white.
  5. The buds also do not have the green leaf wrap like roses do
  6. Soft leaves, lighter or the bottom than on the top. Small yellow leaves forming at the base of each leaf along the branch


Img_20160528_184318395_300x300%2523 Surprise_flower_300x300%2523 Img_20160529_133126919_300x300%2523

Gogebic County MI almost 4 years ago

Maple tree growth

My maple trees have developed these growths on the leaves and sometimes on the trunk. What are they and what do I do about it?



Gogebic County MI almost 4 years ago

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