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What is this???


Gladwin County Michigan about 4 years ago

weed in rye field

It popped up in his rye field and has taken over. I am at a loss...any ideas on what it might be? Thank You, Shannon McKimmy Ag Services, LLC 1925 Nickless Rd. Gladwin, MI 48624 989-426-1816

Gladwin County Michigan about 1 year ago


Can you tell me more about your class on Food Preservation?


Gladwin County Michigan over 6 years ago

Fizzy Orange Juice

I accidently drank a whole great big gallen of fizzy orange juice is that going to make me majorly sick where I am in the hospital for who knows how long or even make me die from drinking too much of it?


Gladwin County Michigan over 2 years ago

Powdery mildew on grapes

Could you please tell me if the problem with these grapes is Powdery Mildew or Downy Mildew. If so, how do you go about treating them. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

These were brought into our Extension office by an Amish Fellow. He said he had put manure around the bases as well as some milk-water(?). He has had the problem for 2 years now.

Thank you.


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Gladwin County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Cabbage Plants

Just a quick question. Have you seen or heard of putting table salt on a cabbage head to make it grow tighter head?


Gladwin County Michigan almost 3 years ago

monarch butterflies

Hi, I want to attract monarch butterflies, and want to know if milkweed can be grown in containers.


Gladwin County Michigan 11 months ago

Peach Trees

Just checking in about my question 9/18/19

I have a client that has a small hobby orchard with about 20 fruit trees, apples, peaches, pears and cherries. The trees are approx. 12 years old. He did spray them in the spring, March or April. He is getting little to no fruit on his peach trees. He does have new suckers on most of them. One of his trees is looking dead. The others have a rusty appearance on the leaves. (There are pictures of both of these below). There has been no change in the soil, as far as he knows. Could you possibly help us out to figure out what is going on. Thanks,


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Gladwin County Michigan 10 months ago

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