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Pearly white coated eggs on a viburnum

For two years I have been battling a insect problem in a viburnum. The viburnum is 7 feet tall with white flowers and blue berries. When this started the viburnum looked ill with small dull leaves and poor dry soil. In early May an insect lays eggs on the underside of the branches. The eggs are coated with a white sticky substance that hardens. It almost looks like pearls on the underside of the branches. I have never seen the insect but I assume after it hatches it goes down into the soil to pupate and stay through the winter to start the cycle again in the spring. I have loosened and fed the soil with compost and topped it with Dairy Doo. I am regularly watering. And I have sprayed the tops and bottoms of every branch thoroughly with Neem oil in fall and April for the past two years. The viburnum has become very healthy. Now the leaves are lush and shiny but the insect still persists. The numbers of eggs are diminished by 2/3. I could not spray this April and thought the insects had been eradicated. They did not show up until late May. By then a Cardinal was nesting in the viburnum so I couldn't spray the Neem oil. Is there a better way to go about this than the way I am trying? Because of health reasons spraying is becoming difficult for me. Can you ID the insect? Any organic solutions would be helpful. Thank you. Brenda von Linsowe


Genesee County MI almost 2 years ago

Coughed up 1/2" protozoa and liv wingedefly that was just coming out of larval stage

I'm a nurse, my ex husband works for pa DEP. We cannot find a parasite that fits the larval description including the winged fly into its life cycle. Just coughed them up this morning after salt water gargles for days. In addition little dark chunks like kidney stones had started to work their way up through the top of my tongue causing slouging and leaning holes. They continued to migrate painfully from docent areas of my tounge, primarily the tip and mid front area. Noticed lump in mid neak corotid artery area as well as swelling and lump under tounge. Been waiting to see oral surgeon for few months as nobody likes medicade. Been waiting on ent as well. Was looking at salivary stones, tonsiliths , or oral cancer.

Started at home work salt water gargles for two weeks. Then, toys morning, I gagged while gargling and spewed out a bunch of reddish debris and. light gray protazo lookng thing, oval with tail, almost width of a dime , and small black mass similar size , which, upoun palpation, began to move. It was a black winged fly with two irredesent spots on each side. What the heck? I can't google this info for the life of me. Please share your thaoughts. Currently at dr, but they have no clue. I feel like th l The Green Mile. Ugh.
Thank you,
Never been out of US, From PA in October. Grew up in woods and around animals ponds and streams.
I'll try to add photos as I cannot load page with them at this time.

Genesee County MI almost 4 years ago

Fruit trees

I want to plant fruit and nut trees, berries, and grapes. Do you have anyone who could guide me in the purchase, planting, and care of a mini orchard?

Genesee County MI over 4 years ago

Wild grape vines?

Please let me know what this vine climbing in our trees is. Someone suggested it may be wild grape vines. If so, what is the best way to get rid of it? It has killed a few of our trees already. We live near a swampy area and we have a lot of cat tails. Also, we have taken quite a few down out of the trees, is it okay to burn them or how should be dispose of them?


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Genesee County MI about 2 years ago

Are these bat bugs?

I have found three bugs today in my bathroom and dining room. The problem is that I can't tell if they are bed bugs or bat bugs. We had a "serious" bat problem (100+ bats) that we had taken care of at the end of June. There is no evidence of any bugs in our bed or in my son's crib and I am the only one with bites.

Is there any place I can take one of these bugs to find out if it is a bed bug or a bat bug?

And if it IS a bat bug, is it true that they can't reproduce using a human host and that they will eventually move away from my home?


Genesee County MI almost 6 years ago

Winter greenhouse

My husband and I are interested in purchasing a greenhouse and growing winter vegetables and greens. Do you have any webinars, classes, or other resources that could guide us in doing this? Thank you, Paula Ford


Genesee County MI over 2 years ago

Feeding calf

Feeding only milk and grain how much grain is required to get a cross need bottle calf to 500lb?


Genesee County MI over 2 years ago

Weed identification needed

Can you tell me what this weed/grass is that is now in my lawn?


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Genesee County MI 10 months ago

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