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What is this?

Is the attached photo a picture of a coral fungus? If not, do you know what it is?


Emmet County MI 6 months ago

Damage to pear tree leaves after spraying

I sprayed my 14 tree orchard with pure neem, fish emulsion and some Dawn dish soap. Now my pears have damaged leaves. One has dry wilted leaves and the other two have black spots. I think I may have added too much detergent. The apples, cherries, peaches and plums are all ok. What can I do to prevent loss of the one tree? Will they be able to grow new leaves? My orchard is 3-4 years old. Two of the pears are standard (of which one is the most damaged) and the other is dwarf. Thanks so much for your assistance!

Emmet County MI over 1 year ago

liver disease in chickens

we butchered our laying flock of 7 hens and a rooster a week ago Saturday along with the meat birds we raised. . They had been laying for about 1 year. 5-6 eggs a day was common but for most of the summer we were getting 2-3 eggs a day and the shells were getting fragile. Usually I don't see that until the hens are 2+ years old. The livers in the meat birds were beautiful, the right color and firm. the egg birds livers -all of them- were a pale yellowish color and fragile. They did not hold up to being drawn. They would tear and were somewhat mushy. We have been keeping egg birds for about 8 years and we have never seen this before.. This experience has raised questions. 1. What can cause this type of liver condition? Is it contagious? Is it feed related? We have been feeding laying mesh/pellets from the local feed store along with sunflower seeds because we had some and the hens liked them along with kitchen scraps. They have had constant access to oyster shells in a separate feeder. 2. As usual we processed the laying hens into canned meat and chicken stock. Is this food safe for us to eat? 3, What do we need to do to the hen house & run before we move the next flock in? Usually we just clean and air it out and put down fresh bedding. We have used the same run always and it is devoid of grass. Half of it is an old apple tree and sumac. The rest is in the sun. we do have the option of fencing off the sumac & apple tree and opening up an adjacent area of grass with a maple tree. That will still leave a 20' x 15' foot area of dirt where the hens have always run. 5. I am beginning to question every practice we have used with chickens. is it O.K. to let them run is the grown up asparagus bed? That is where the meat birds grew up and that is where the replacement pullets are. I truly appreciate any answers and insights you can give me. It never occurred to me to take a picture of those bad livers. I did not keep any of them.

Emmet County MI 5 months ago

Maple tree poor condition

I have a sugar maple that has been dropping leaves in midsummer for the past three years. Leaf production has become sparse. It is noticeably visible. There are some white spots on the bark on many branches. Is there a way for me to bring it back to health? There are many other maples on the property, some with the white spots on the bark but no indication that leaf production is inhibited.


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Emmet County MI over 3 years ago

controlling spotted knapweed

Is it possible to purchase/release insects for control of spotted knapweed in Michigan? I have approx. 5 acres in Emmet Co. that is highly infested with knapweed and it is killing off all the grasses and other plants in our field. I am not interested in using insecticides. I have read about various insects that are used for knapweed control but the only websites I find that have these insects are in Montana. Related to this, does MSU have any field restoration programs/research projects that I might participate in for control of knapweed and restoration of native plants?


Emmet County MI about 2 years ago

Winter kill of shrubs

How do I know if yews that are mostly brown after this winter are in fact dead? How long do I wait to find out


Emmet County MI over 6 years ago

What kind of tick is this?

Customer is wanting to know what kind of tick this is. It was found on her leg and had been there a while. My apologies about the quality of the photos. My microscope is not working with my computer since the system update.


Tick1_300x300%2523 Tick2_300x300%2523 Tick3_300x300%2523

Emmet County MI over 1 year ago

Water Bath Using 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice for Heirloom Tomatoes

What a great resource here! Thank you! I do have a question about canning tomato products. With all the newer & heirloom tomato varieties out there now that could be less acid varieties ( I do heirloom for 99% of mine) is it still safe to water bath using 2 tbsp of bottled lemon juice? Thx in advance!


Emmet County MI 12 months ago

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