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Crab Grass

When should I apply my crab grass preventor in 2019? Thank you Don


Eaton County Michigan crab grass control 11 months ago

Musical Quote

Do you know who said this quote: "It doesn't tune up properly, I've put stickers all over it, it's broken at the neck, it's really screwed up right...". It was said by a male during an interview


Eaton County Michigan almost 4 years ago

Large dead looking area in lawn

After 5" of rain in the last 10 days a large area of my lawn shows no sign of rejuvenation. Other areas have come back and were well in need of mowing. Attached image is example of the bad area Thank you.



Eaton County Michigan lawns and turf over 3 years ago

Poison ivy m

What is the best way to get rid of poison ivy that is taking over my yard? Does vinegar and water work?


Eaton County Michigan over 1 year ago

elm tree - let it regrow?

we purchased this property last year. There is an elm tree and another tree both trying to grow in the same spot. I want to remove one so the other can flourish. they are both small (8-10 feet, but thin/leggy) and bushy, with several separate trees rather than a main trunk. I can only assume (because of the way it's growing back) the elm had been cut due to dutch disease . If the Elm wants to regrow, should I let it? Is it going to have the disease and die out again? Or is there a chance it built immunity like with chicken pox? Any way to know? I'd love to let it grow if i can. I threw in a photo of the other tree, in case you can tell me what it is. That might help me decide which to keep. Thank you! THank you.


Elm_leaves_300x300%2523 Full_bush_300x300%2523 Other_tree_300x300%2523

Eaton County Michigan trees and shrubs elm trees 9 months ago


I have a pear tree between 5 and 10 years old in Charlotte. It looks like it has fireblight. Have not seen fireblight in years.Is it around this year and if so what should be done for the tree?


Eaton County Michigan over 5 years ago

Loss of birds

Why would ALL the birds in my yard/area disappeared? I have 4 feeders - 1 platform and 3 hanging that were being covered with birds. I had chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers, blue jay's, cardinals, and more and squirrels. I would have 30 - 40 on the ground and on the feeder at any time. The birds even stayed in / covered the bushes next to my driveway. I check for cats -- no cats. Help



Eaton County Michigan wild bird feeders wildlife about 1 year ago

Tractor black!

We have a non irrigated dry lawn. The tractor is getting black on the front of it. Much like coal dust, easily blown off with leaf blower. Similar happenings in nearby lawns. Help!


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Eaton County Michigan lawn over 1 year ago

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