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U.P. Plant

These are in our front yard. I mowed them down once but they came back bigger and better. I do not know what they are but would like to know how to take care of them. Thanks

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Dickinson County MI over 3 years ago

Wasps/bees in rock

Hello. I live in the U.P. of MI. I was kayaking yesterday on the Sturgeon River & also did some rock climbing. I was bitten by some type of wasp/bee while sitting on a rock, about 5pm. A friend thought they looked like wasps. I have a little swelling, but horrible burning, unrelenting thru the night & currently. Tried ACVinegar to no avail. Cannot touch the site with ice. Any thoughts on what bit me so I can try to find some relief? Thank you very much.


Dickinson County MI 9 months ago

Selling rabbit meat on farm

I can't seem to find a straight answer. Can you sell small scale farm butchered rabbit meat directly to consumers off the farm in Michigan? Or is a licensed processor needed? What if there are no USDA or special processors within reasonable driving distance? What I have heard is that like poultry rabbit is exempt from USDA inspection and can be butchered and sold directly when under 10,000 per year. Is this true?


Dickinson County MI about 2 years ago

Damaged Oak Tree

I damaged a large oak in our yard with the boom on the excavator last night. What should I put on the tree to protect from Oak Wilt or bug infestation?


Dickinson County MI almost 2 years ago

eating away at my leaves

We were on vacation and came back to find the leaves on our Primroses to be eaten away. On closer inspection I found this small worm on several leaves. I looked around our gardens and I found that other plants leaves are being eaten away as well. We sprinkled this powder on all hoping it will stop the problem. Can you tell me what this worm is and how to stop it from eating all of our plants.


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Dickinson County MI 10 months ago

Safe tree for septic area

Hi there,

I live in Dickinson County in the UP (Zone 4) and am looking for ideas on shade/ornamental trees to plant in our backyard that will not have a huge root spread that interferes with the septic tank. I am planting on the south side of the tank, and the drainfield flows to the north. How many feet away do I need to be from the tank? I've read that a 20-ft tree should be 20 ft from the septic system. Is this accurate? What smaller trees could work in a zone 4, full sun, sandy soil? Thanks for your assistance! Stacy


Dickinson County MI 8 months ago

Tomato disease

Hi there,

Despite my sanitation efforts, my tomato plants become diseased every year.

Is this septoria leaf spot? It starts in July and affects the lower leaves first, even though I prune them from touching the soil and water with soaker hoses beneath straw mulch. Is there a prevention/treatment that will not harm my honeybees?

Thanks for your assistance,


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Dickinson County MI 8 months ago

Tomato Blight

I get blight every year on my tomatoes.....how can I eliminate this problem..we rotate but it does not help....would spraying the soil with Bordeaux powder in the fall help for next year.


Dickinson County MI over 5 years ago

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