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Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is? It came up this summer in my flower bed? If it is a tree that is worth keeping, I would like to move it to my yard.


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Delta County MI over 2 years ago

zoning amendment

Must an amendment to a Zoning Ordinance be in the form of an "Ordinance"? Assume all other proper procedure is followed. Once a legislative body receives a recommendation from the Planning Commission and wishes to approve the amendment, are they passing an Ordinance to amend (as would have be submitted to the State for review prior to 2006 Zoning Enabling Act) or is a majority vote approval enough? Should there be an Amendatory Ordinance?


Delta County MI community planning and zoning zoning amendment planning commission michigan zoning enabling act almost 5 years ago

dog feces in planting soil

Here is my dilemma: I had asked my husband to clear the grass from a small (4'x8') area in our backyard for a vegetable bed. We enclosed the area in railroad ties about 6 inches high, and my plan was to work through the soil that was already there and remove rocks, etc., then mix in enriched soil and manure, and fill it to the top of the railing. While I was working through the existing dirt, I came upon dog feces. We do have a dog, so I didn't think much of it, got rid of it, and proceeded to add soil and manure and begin mixing it together with the original soil. However, I kept coming across more and more pieces of dog poop (I kept stepping in it as I worked the soil.) It turns out my husband, after clearing the grass in the area, had then buried about a weeks' worth of dog poop he'd gathered from the lawn that day. He buried it about 4 inches deep. He thought it would eventually decompose and be good for the soil, which of course I know is not true of dog feces. At that point I stopped working the soil and got as much of the intact pieces of poop out as I could but I have no doubt that at least some is still in there, either mixed into the soil or solid pieces. If I add more soil on top, 6-10 inches deep, and don't mix it in with the current layer, will it be safe to plant vegetables in? Or is the soil unusable?


Delta County MI fruits and vegetables over 6 years ago

Goat not eating much grain?

My goat doesn't eat much grain. Should I worry? He eats grass like no other and hay. But he barley eats 1/4 of a cup. I only give each goat one cup with a diet balancer in it. He drinks water and acts fine. I'm confused and worried.


Delta County MI goats over 2 years ago

seperate ordinances

Can a county, that has a land use (zoning) ordinance, have separate stand alone ordinances for specific land uses? Should any land use ordinance be incorporated into an existing ordinance? Could a separate ordinance be passed for Wind Turbines or Med. Marijuana, as that develops? If a County or Municipality currently has no land use ordinance, could they pass an Ordinance to just regulate a specific ordinance?


Delta County MI zoning wind turbines county ordinance michigan police power ordinance michigan zoning enabling act medicinal marihuana community planning and zoning almost 3 years ago

Red beetle?

Hi there, my mother was hoping someone could identify the bug circled in the picture. It was found in her garden on 4/23/18. It measures approximately 1/8" long. Location is Delta County MI.

Thank you,



Delta County MI bugs over 1 year ago

raspberries in Escanaba

I am going to reestablish my grandparents garden near Escanaba. It had a memorable raspberry patch along one edge. What is the best variety of red raspberry for Upper MI. Taste is more important than yield.


Delta County MI raspberries small fruit horticulture about 6 years ago

Asian Ladybug beetles

PLEASE help. I am being invaded by these ladybugs and I believe I am allergic to them. I am trying to find some fairly easy directions to build a black light trap for them. Thanks for any advice you could give me for getting rid of them.


Delta County MI almost 4 years ago

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