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(training) bugs on apple tree

How to get rid of bugs on apple trees

Crawford County MI over 4 years ago

how to care for my holly

This might be a duplicate question-I submitted but am getting a message that "body can't be blank" I have 4 holly bushes that I generally spray with Wiltpruf in mid Nov and then wrap to protect them from windburn during the winter months. Due to early snowfall, I did not get them wrapped yet and it doesn't appear that the snow is going to be melting anytime soon. I am wondering what I can do at this point to minimize damage to the bushes; should I just leave them alone or should I try to knock/blow off as much snow as possible and wrap them? I don't think I can apply the Wiltpruf at this point due to cold temps and I suspect there will be some remaining snow on the leaves even if I blow snow off Any guidance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Crawford County MI about 2 years ago

hay production

starting a hay production of 100 acres right now covered by trees what's is the best solution to remove the trees and getting rid of the stumps so I can prep the ground .. ground is sandy what can I bring in to make it grow able

Crawford County MI over 2 years ago

Juliet dwarf cherry

I have two Juliet dwarf cherries, one is one year old and the other is two years old. Should they be pruned as bushes or trees? They are both sending up multiple shoots, and pictures that I have seen of them appear to be bush-shaped. Also, information on when and how to prune them (time of year, number of shoots to remove, etc.) would be helpful. Thank you for this and your past assistance. Ralph Rucinski


Crawford County MI almost 2 years ago

What are these bumps on an Oak Tree?

I discovered these small bumps on my white oak tree. They look like they are egg sacs. Can you tell me what it could be and how to fix this?


Michael Looney



Crawford County MI over 4 years ago

soil testing for an apple tree

Hoping to plant an apple tree near Grayling MI (crab apples are close by) and want to give it its best chance for a healthy and productive life. Sunlight and drainage should be of no concern, and I wonder about soil condition. Does the Extension provide soil testing for such a small project? Thanks.


Crawford County MI over 2 years ago

corn issues

why corn kernels are pulply and bad tasting


Crawford County MI over 7 years ago

corrn on the cob

why rows lengthwise have a gap between them


Crawford County MI over 7 years ago

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