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Home made weed killers

Have seen many recipes for homemade weed killers. They suggest using vinegar, salt or epsome salt and Dawn dishwasher soap. Have some questions:
1 what is difference between regular salt and epsome salt.
2 does salt kill weed tops and not roots as does glyphosate
3 how much saturation of weeds is required to kill weeds? Some weeds have brown spots on leaves but some areas still green. With time will the weeds die if not completely saturated?


Clinton County Michigan weed issues over 3 years ago

Tree has a fungus?

Would you be able to identify the problem with this tree. It's a Buckeye Chestnut - located in the DeWitt City Cemetery, DeWitt, MI, We have several of these trees in the Cemetery. How would we treat them? Two of the trees are within s large flower garden. Thank you.


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Clinton County Michigan insect issues leaf galls trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Stink bugs

We have thousands! They are living in the frames of our slider doors, covering the e terror walls, coming in through windows. How do we get rid of them?


Clinton County Michigan insect issues over 1 year ago

Untoward effects of mosquito spraying

Does a homeowner who sprays for mosquitos also kill pollinators? If birds eat the sprayed insects, are they affected?


Clinton County Michigan pollinators mosquito control 5 months ago


originally had many colors of hollyhocks pink, black, a nice variety. For the past two years the only color is yellow Why


Clinton County Michigan over 2 years ago

Crab apple scab

My 30 year old crab apple tree developed a terrible case of scab several years ago and I treated it with copper spray with some success in the early spring this year. However some of the leaves are turning yellow on a few branches and some are now falling off. Should I spray with copper again now? To complicate matters there is a sparrow nest in it with hatchlings


Clinton County Michigan fruit trees over 2 years ago

Too many bugs!

I am wondering if you can tell me how to get rid of these “gnat like” bugs.


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Clinton County Michigan 9 months ago

Unidentified plant

I have researched via internet and a couple books, I have not been able to identify, Would appreciate any help possible



Clinton County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 6 years ago

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