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Black walnut sapling transplant

I have these black walnut saplings I started from seed How big should they be to transplant them. Is it safe to do that this fall? If not what kind of care should they have this winter if I keep them potted?



Clare County Michigan 4 months ago

Growths on the trunk of a curly willow tree

I have a very old and very large curly willow tree that I have just noticed large "growths" on the trunk. What is it and what can I do? I don't want it to die.


Clare County Michigan curly willow tree growths on trunk about 3 years ago

Tree Death

I have a couple who came into the Clare County MSU Extension office trying to save their trees. Do you have any insight or into what might be causing them to decay. If so any ideas on how to try and save them. They tell me they are a Emerald Green Arborvitae. I have attached a picture of the trees as well as a pic of the dead foliage found below them.


32187556_2023151227717987_2318039805801267200_n_300x300%2523 32313183_2023160714383705_4789384444848898048_n_300x300%2523

Clare County Michigan deer damage shrubs over 1 year ago

Variance staying with the land

Several years ago, two different family members owned lots on our lake in a platted subdivision. One family member signed his lot over to the other family member so they could build one structure using the dimensions from both properties. This structure does not cross the boundaries and is situated on only one property. Our Zoning Ordinance allows a resident to have their residence setback 50 feet from the lake and setback 25 feet plus 16 foot from the center of the road ( road right of way) and a maximum building coverage of lot of 25%. This structure was built with a Variance approved at that time allowing a deck to be built 45 feet from the lake. The family now plans to demolish the residence and build a much larger new residence on the two lots. The family applied for a Zoning Permit with a setback of 32 feet from the lake and a setback of 18 feet from the road and a maximum building coverage of lot of 30%. I denied the permit. They then filed for a Variance. We had the ZBA meeting last night and ZBA board denied the Variance. All I’ve read says a Variance travels with the land. My question is would the original Variance travel with this land and the family be allowed to apply it to this new residence? If so, would they now be allowed to build their structure (not just a deck) 45 feet from the lake? Again, if so would it just apply to the lot the Variance was issued to or would it apply to both lots?


Clare County Michigan over 5 years ago

Cake products

Can I make cake products in my home for sale to public and restaurants ?


Clare County Michigan food safety over 5 years ago

Apple Tree Blight

Hello, we had a client come in and looking for answers as to why his Apple Trees have brown leaves as shown. He is concerned it is an Apple Tree Blight. He would like an experts thought or opinions and if so a bit of info on how to get rid of it and keep it from spreading. Attached are 3 photos he sent in to help determine what is wrong with his trees.


Apple_tree_1_300x300%2523 Apple_tree_2_300x300%2523 Apple_tree_3_300x300%2523

Clare County Michigan 3 months ago

small lots

We have many small lots in our township. It makes it hard for people to build within our setbacks. As an example many lots in one subdivision have 115 X 40 lots. As the Zoning Administrator I believe this lot is buildable. After taking into account our setbacks there is a 20 X 25 buildable envelope. I have several floor plans of 2 story residences, 20 X 25, as our zoning requires 720 square feet (minimum). Am I right in regarding this property as buildable (non-conforming)?


Clare County Michigan community planning and zoning zoning yard setback over 4 years ago

combining plotted lots

Our Ordinance says a resident may only use one contiguous lot for accessory buildings. We have a resident who wants to put accessory buildings on two different contiguous lots. I have told the Resident he can only use one contiguous lot. This is something you have probably heard many times. As Zoning Administrator I have to defend my stance against the Twp. Board as much as I do the residents coming to me with an issue. Our Supervisor feels the Township can combine plotted lots in a plotted subdivision, making two lots one big lot. Is this possible to be able to combine lots for this purpose?


Clare County Michigan over 4 years ago

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