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Who's helping sawmills, lumbermen & loggers?

There's so much in the news about how the farmers are being hurt by both the economic/trade restrictions and mother nature, but there is NOTHING about the devastation that our hardwood industries are suffering. Emerald Ash Bore, Oak Wilt, Beech Bark disease.. to name just a few. Who's giving money or tax breaks to the numerous sawmills, lumber companies & loggers? Please, help bring this situation to the national level. Federal subsidies and tax breaks are needed!!! Generation owned sawmills are closing down because of the sanctions between Canada/USA and the elimination of some species of hardwoods. PLEASE HELP!

Charlevoix County MI over 1 year ago

Big Flies in Home

We have a question from a resident asking what she can do about a fly issue in her home. Do you have a remedy to get rid of them?


Charlevoix County MI 8 months ago

Horse Pasture on Beaver Island

We have a new property on Beaver Island and would like to pasture a few horses and grow our own hay for them. There seems to be a problem growing quality hay on the island, most people import it from the mainland. Is there a general problem with the soil here? Would big bluestem make a good hay? Thanks, Sally Stebbins


Charlevoix County MI over 2 years ago

canning lids

Can you tell me what it means if you push on the center indentation on the Ball lid after the ingredients has cooled and it doesn't pop back up?


Charlevoix County MI 4 months ago

Transplanting Cedar Trees

Is there a best time to transplant cedar trees?


Charlevoix County MI over 2 years ago

Price of corn silage

We have a resident who is looking for pricing of ear corn per ton? Can you please advise where I can find this information?


Charlevoix County MI 2 months ago

High Phosphorus levels

Hello! I received my soil analysis results and discovered that phosphorus levels are very high (91ppm). The area sampled was a large patch (about 20x20 ft) where grass has been uniformly discolored (brown). What would cause high phosphorus in that particular area? Thank you!


Charlevoix County MI over 1 year ago

Planting suggestions for meadow

two years ago we had two acres of red pine harvested. We have since cleaned up all the debris and want to plant something to keep erosion in check. Not interested in trees as the reason the trees were harvested is they impeded the view of the lake and countryside from our home. It's an area that does not have irrigation nor do we want to go to the expense of putting irrigation in. So we'd like a nice looking meadow that is low maintenance, no mowing required (beyond perhaps once per year). Anything you can suggest is greatly appreciated.


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Charlevoix County MI 9 months ago

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