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Who's helping sawmills, lumbermen & loggers?

There's so much in the news about how the farmers are being hurt by both the economic/trade restrictions and mother nature, but there is NOTHING about the devastation that our hardwood industries are suffering. Emerald Ash Bore, Oak Wilt, Beech Bark disease.. to name just a few. Who's giving money or tax breaks to the numerous sawmills, lumber companies & loggers? Please, help bring this situation to the national level. Federal subsidies and tax breaks are needed!!! Generation owned sawmills are closing down because of the sanctions between Canada/USA and the elimination of some species of hardwoods. PLEASE HELP!

Charlevoix County MI lumber lumber industry 7 months ago

Horse Pasture on Beaver Island

We have a new property on Beaver Island and would like to pasture a few horses and grow our own hay for them. There seems to be a problem growing quality hay on the island, most people import it from the mainland. Is there a general problem with the soil here? Would big bluestem make a good hay? Thanks, Sally Stebbins


Charlevoix County MI horse pasture almost 2 years ago

Transplanting Cedar Trees

Is there a best time to transplant cedar trees?


Charlevoix County MI over 1 year ago

High Phosphorus levels

Hello! I received my soil analysis results and discovered that phosphorus levels are very high (91ppm). The area sampled was a large patch (about 20x20 ft) where grass has been uniformly discolored (brown). What would cause high phosphorus in that particular area? Thank you!


Charlevoix County MI 7 months ago

Child support

Can I change my mind about child support once I submit the application


Charlevoix County MI about 1 year ago

When & how to trim / prune a rhododendran in N. Mich

In our front yard we have a large rhododendron that was given to my Mother and planted in the 1930s. Lots of pine needles have provided acidity to the sandy soil. This is1 of several given to people around Walloon Lake (South of Petoskey). My question is when and how should I trim this? Of the others given out I have heard over the years that the majority have died attributed to pruning / trimming. From my internet research: "According to most professional landscapers, the ideal time for pruning rhododendrons is late winter, while the plant is dormant. However, any time between the first frost in fall and the last frost in spring (while the sap is low) will work. Immediately following its lush spring growth, as new foliage is still hardening off, is one of the worst times for trimming rhododendrons. This will likely inhibit blooming." Attached is a photo. Any guidance / direction is appreciated. We have only trimmed as necessary as we do not want to kill it. THANK YOU for ANY information!



Charlevoix County MI over 5 years ago

Maple tree leaves

My 3 maple tree’s leaves have brown spots, and are curling and drying up. Are the trees dying and what should I do?


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Charlevoix County MI 6 months ago

reprocessing tomatoes

I canned some tomatoes in their own juice. The website I looked at said to process for 45 mins in a hot water bath. I did and they all sealed. Now I'm seeing I should have processed for 85 mins. Can I reprocess these jars of tomatoes? Do I put new lids on? Can I open and heat the tomatoes for 10 minutes and re-can? Is there a safe way to re-do?


Charlevoix County MI food processing over 2 years ago

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