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storing black walnuts

will shucked black walnuts spoil if allowed to freeze ?


Cass County Michigan almost 5 years ago

soil/land problem

I seem to be losing my topsoil rapidly. Also, in some areas of my property, it seems the yard is sinking, tree roots are coming up. I have a lot of trees, took 2 of them down and had the rest trimmed. I have consulted landscaping companies who advise fertilizing. I have had them fertilize 4 times a year for several years but to no avail. I have assumed the trees ( a lot of maples) may be taking all the nutrients out of the soil but fertilizing it doesn't seem to have an effect.


Cass County Michigan over 3 years ago

Problems with apple fruit

we have 4 apple trees together and they bare but they are noty, yellow delicious are scabby and dappled spots apples drop off tree prematurely some look good but when you slice them they are all bad inside with like worm runner lines in it . I don't and have never seen a worm. Planning to rake all apples and limbs away from under area. Just don't know what to use --not one of all the apples are good. been reading and thought the lime sulfur an dormant oil spray might help but don't know when to spray which one and when to stop one or the other Help is greatly appreciated or we will have to just cut them down.


Cass County Michigan about 5 years ago

Insect Repellent

If one gallon of Mosquito concentrate (9.25 lbs) mixed with water makes 99 gallons, how much concentrate

would you mix to make one gallon in spray bottle?


Cass County Michigan about 4 years ago

unregistered subdivision

I bought a lot listed in an unregistered subdivision. Various lots were sold with belief that a subdivision would be constructed. The 3/4 mile road leading to subdivision and campground never materialized because the road was going to cost more than the campground owner wanted to pay.The campground owner has full maintenance for the road and the county did not want it for control. The 66' road easement is now being jeopardized because its use has a well installed and various campsites are over-reaching the 66' boundaries. As private owners of the unregistered subdivision lots do we have any rights other than egress and ingress?


Cass County Michigan almost 6 years ago

Insect infestation on white birchy at

We have a white Birch tree about 15 years old which is dropping a lot of leaves. We noticed today a small ((3mm0 group(20-30) of black insects on the trunk that we think are the culprits. Looking closely at infected leaves they have spotty black and orangish brown coloration in the areax of damage. Help!.


Cass County Michigan 4 months ago

Transplanting Eastern Red Cedars

Hi! We are hiring a tree spade service to move 25-30 Eastern Red Cedars that are 6-10" in diameter onto our property in Cass County. The trees are being transplanted from 2 miles away with similar sandy soil. We plan to irrigate them with a drip line being pumped from our lake. Do you have recommendations on ammending the soil with anything like root gels, hormones, compost, etc? Also, do you have any other recommendations for the health of the trees? Thanks! - Joe


Cass County Michigan about 3 years ago

(IL)legality of using tractor&truck tires for use as gardens in America

I'm having the worst luck attempting to use tires that I got from a local tire sales business. He deals a lot with selling new tires for farm tractors and semi trucks. I saw that he was struggling to get rid of them and since I have a large back yard in a rural town in SW Michigan, and my daughter is a vegan, I wanted to try to grow as many fruits and vegetables as I could. I got 80 tires, all semi truck 20" or larger, and cut a sidewall from every one of them so they wouldn't retain water. I'm burying them halfway, using the dirt attached to the lawn, which is a great sandy/loamy soil, which I then add soil amendments to like worm castings, perlite and coco-coir. I dug 33 holes generally 42-60" diameter half as deep as the tire tread is tall, packing the inside completely full. I got halfway done and the city manager/code enforcer came and sited me, saying all the tires must be removed from my yard, though he told my wife that if they were completely buried to grade, he might allow that. He gave me 10 days to clean my property up to perfection, including the tires, to be completed by this wednsday, june 13,'18 at which time he's planning to show up with city workers to remove them all that aren't stored in a bldg. I need help from someone in the agricultural community that they'd likely listen to and hoped you would help out. I'm also going to try my local extension service here in Cassopolis, MI. the local number for his office is 269-445-8648 and mine is 269-228-8257 I'm JOE McCleery at 413 N. Broadway, Cassopolis, MI Thanks for any help


Cass County Michigan over 2 years ago

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