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Please id

Hello, Assistance with plant id the green and the "burgundy" plants in this photo, please.
Thank you


Calhoun County MI over 3 years ago

Are these the same insect?

I saw on an MSU site that the insect NOT in the grass is rarely seen. (The pic with the pink zinnia in the background, I snagged from the article, off of the computer ) So when I saw the insect in the grass live and in person, I took a photo wondering if I had just witnessed a rare thing, making me feel like a true gardener. lol. Maybe I just found a normal Grasshopper?

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Calhoun County MI 2 months ago

Plant ID

What is this “fungus”? Growing atop area where maple was removed over 10 years ago. Very hard in texture. How can it be controlled? Thanks



Calhoun County MI over 2 years ago

Do I have a problem?

I have several Norway spruce in my front yard. One of them in particular has browning in the weeping sections (pictures 1 and 2). In addition my other spruces have bare branches (picture 3). Sadly I just removed several very sick Blue Spruces, could something have spread even though they are different species? Thanks for any response, Mike.


Img_20181219_113324_300x300%2523 Img_20181219_113315_300x300%2523 Img_20181219_113341_300x300%2523

Calhoun County MI about 2 years ago

Bird Feeders

I have always had a number of bird feeders in my yard. This year the number of birds are down and some species are not here. Cardinals seem to be abundant, but blue jays, gold finches, house finches, carolina wrens, etc. are not here. What has happened to the bird population?


Calhoun County MI 12 months ago

Sunflower/ Harvesting for human consumption

If I cut a sunflower down before all of the seeds have turned black, will leaving it in the flower to dry make it turn black? Are white seeds edible? Do I soak them in salt water? If so, what is the solution? Can I use a dehydrator?


Calhoun County MI 4 months ago

best flowering hedge bushes for South Central MI.

Would like to plant a hedge with 3 different types of flowering bushes that hedges well. Thanks


Calhoun County MI 3 months ago

sick tulips

Is there away to know if your tulip bulbs are healthy? fungus free?


Calhoun County MI 3 months ago

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