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Please id

Hello, Assistance with plant id the green and the "burgundy" plants in this photo, please.
Thank you


Calhoun County MI plant identification over 2 years ago

Plant ID

What is this “fungus”? Growing atop area where maple was removed over 10 years ago. Very hard in texture. How can it be controlled? Thanks



Calhoun County MI lawn fungus over 1 year ago

Do I have a problem?

I have several Norway spruce in my front yard. One of them in particular has browning in the weeping sections (pictures 1 and 2). In addition my other spruces have bare branches (picture 3). Sadly I just removed several very sick Blue Spruces, could something have spread even though they are different species? Thanks for any response, Mike.


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Calhoun County MI about 1 year ago

My white pine tree needles are turning yellow and then they die. We've lost...

My white pine tree needles are turning yellow and then they die. We've lost two trees so far and it is quickly spreading to the other trees. Sometimes it is just a branch but soon it affects the whole tree.


Calhoun County MI trees and shrubs white pine about 4 years ago

White Pine with Brown needles

Would brown needles be the result of Pine Bark Beetles? How can I be sure? I purchased a product that is by Fertilome called System Insect Drench. However, Pine Bark Beetles are not mentioned. I want to save the tree, however, I do not wish to throw money away.
What advise do you have for me. I can send a picture if that would help.

Followup question from email sent to Beverly Coberly:

There are many brown needles. I did attempt to attach two pictures of the tree and if that was not successful I will try again. In checking the tree as closely as I know how, I see no holes like I have been told that a pine bark beetle would make.

Let me know as I want to be sure that I treat this tree correctly so I do not lose the tree.


Calhoun County MI almost 2 years ago

mapletree itis

I have Maple Trees in my backyard for a few years now the branches on some have a white spotty layer this then kills branch I have gone to my local garden place in which they recommended this powder I sprinkle around the base this did not help What do you think is causing this issue? what do you suggest as to how can I fix this?
I appreciate any input you have on this I absolutely love my maples they are taking a beating


Calhoun County MI maple trees almost 2 years ago


Bought sugar snap peas and they have tiny bumps with something dark inside on outside of pea pod. Do you know what this is? Also some white patches. I had eaten some before I noticed it on them. Thank you, Deb


Calhoun County MI vegetable gardening almost 3 years ago

Please id

Hello, Could you please id this plant that I purchased 3 years ago? I thought that it was a wisteria vine. I have had to move it and this is its 2nd season in its current location,.


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Calhoun County MI plant identification over 2 years ago

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