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I have a small Christmas tree farm in the Dowling area. I believe we have eastern gall rust on some of my Scots Pine and also some Spruce. All articles I read are recommending a Registered Fungiside but no one gets specific on what to use. Can you give some advice on this. Thank You

Branch County Michigan 5 months ago

Maple tree splotches

I have white splotches on my maple tree. It has some droopy and overturned leaves. Please help.


Branch County Michigan about 2 years ago

Feeding habits of night crawlers

I notice that night crawlers in my yard come out partway and gather tiny piles of leaves around their holes, and I have pictures of black walnut leaf stems standing vertically out of this same hole. Other worm holes close have castings . My question is, is the hole with castings a night crawler or another species of worm? If it is another species of worm, then I would have to presume that night crawlers leave their castings under ground. Thank you for the answer in advance. Sincerely, David


Branch County Michigan 6 months ago

Foreign grass in my yard

A foreign type grass typically on golf courses is spreading in my yard. My yard is thick and plush in the spring, but as summer progresses spots of this grass begin to spread. We are located on Coldwater Lake and the problem is primarily on the lake side. Neither of my neighbors seem to have this problem. My yard maintenance company says nothing can be done. I am hoping you might have a solution. Thank you, Wayne Weaver


Branch County Michigan about 1 year ago

Legally Advertising and Selling Farm Raised Pork

Good morning MSU Extension,

I am interested in continuing my tradition of raising pigs during the summer as I have the past few years. Usually I raised pigs for the local 4-H fair, but now I am too old for this. I want to raise feeders instead and then sell them to my friends and family. There is a local USDA certified butcher that would be doing all the butchering, processing, and packaging. I was curious how I can legally do this and advertise it in the State of Michigan.


Branch County Michigan over 2 years ago

Public Hearing Notification which may Be Held Electronically

We are preparing for a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting which requires notices be mailed to neighboring properties and published in the newspaper at least 15 days prior to the Public Hearing. With the fluidity of the current health situation, the meeting may be either in-person (preferred) or electronic. Am I able to notice as if the meeting will be in-person and then switch to electronic if necessary if we have already mailed/published time and date for the Public Hearing? If so, do I need to send follow-up notices/publication or will the postings at City Hall and on the website be sufficient? Thanks! Dean Walrack Planning & Zoning Administrator City of Coldwater


Branch County Michigan 5 months ago

Oak tree

Is it dying or should I have it pruned Is this wilt oak disease? ? White Oak, not Red



Branch County Michigan about 7 years ago

Eagle Scout Project

I am inquiring on information, or to be directed to someone who could supply us with the needed information on an Eagle Scout project my son has in mind to earn his Eagle ranking with Boy Scouts. He would like to raise a flock of chickens to donate the meat to a local food pantry. We already raise meat and egg chickens for our own use and it would make for an easily managed project for him to do so for the pantry of his choice. He is only planning on appoximately 50 birds for this project.

We raise our personal flocks in a 'chicken tractor' set up so they have plenty of space, clean environment, and moved to fresh pasture area each day. We feed from local feed mill sourcing, and always keep fresh water available. Is this within guidelines for donated chicken?

Also what are the requirement for butchering of said birds? Would they need to be done in a licenced facility, or is there a type of home set up that would cover the needs to donate said birds? We manage our own (approximately 50 birds per year) between an outside setup with a plucker machine and finished in kitchen to be frozen same day. If in a licenced facility, is there any that are know that would work with such a project?

We appreciate any information and time spent answering our questions.


Branch County Michigan over 2 years ago

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