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Mulberry tree photos

I’m not sure the photos uploaded I the mulberry tree question I just sent so am trying again.

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Berrien County Michigan over 1 year ago

Land Division

Hello, I have been asked to split 2 parcels into 3- however, there is not enough room to create 3 legal parcels as two of the three residential structures on the two parcels are within 17 feet of one another and City ZO requires 10' side setbacks- I do not think I can legally approve the split, but I am not sure what to offer the constituent as a solution... I am considering utilizing either a request for variance or rezoning


Berrien County Michigan over 2 years ago

What is this?

Can you help identify this plant?


Berrien County Michigan over 4 years ago

Clay soil

last spring we had sanding soil so we dug it out and had a landscape place bring us 5 yards of flower grade dirt. It was not. It was a lot of clay and the flower bulbs did not grow in the hard clay. Do we need to dig the clay out and find some good soil or can we fix the clay soil.


Berrien County Michigan 3 months ago

Bug in garden identification

Hi, Could you please identify this rather large bug in my garden. We have several that are swarming the garden. I have holes in my bush beans, but not sure if its these bugs or another bug. These are between the size of a quarter and half dollar.



Berrien County Michigan 5 months ago

Special use mining permit

Does PA 113 supersede local townships special use criteria and regulations ?


Berrien County Michigan almost 8 years ago

Fruit Tree Diseases

I just moved into a new house that has fruit trees. I can tell at least two of them have issues. I am attaching a couple of pictures which may help. Do you have any suggestions on ways I can help these trees. Thank you so much!


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Berrien County Michigan 8 months ago


I have a large infestation of honey bees is there anyone that will remove and relocate them.


Berrien County Michigan about 4 years ago

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