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Mulberry tree photos

I’m not sure the photos uploaded I the mulberry tree question I just sent so am trying again.

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Berrien County MI 5 months ago

Land Division

Hello, I have been asked to split 2 parcels into 3- however, there is not enough room to create 3 legal parcels as two of the three residential structures on the two parcels are within 17 feet of one another and City ZO requires 10' side setbacks- I do not think I can legally approve the split, but I am not sure what to offer the constituent as a solution... I am considering utilizing either a request for variance or rezoning


Berrien County MI land division land division act community planning and zoning over 1 year ago

What is this?

Can you help identify this plant?


Berrien County MI over 3 years ago

Special use mining permit

Does PA 113 supersede local townships special use criteria and regulations ?


Berrien County MI almost 7 years ago


I have a large infestation of honey bees is there anyone that will remove and relocate them.


Berrien County MI bees about 3 years ago

Sooty Mold?

How to I get rid of “Sooty Mold” in one of my Plant gardens ?


Berrien County MI over 1 year ago

Oak wilt?

2 years ago we trimmed trees in early summer. We started losing a tree later that summer. We removed it and hauled away the wood last summer. We did not trim any other trees. This year we lost a few more and the others are dropping leaves. How can we save the other trees?


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Berrien County MI trees and shrubs oak wilt 5 months ago

Troublesome weeds in the lawn.

I have two types of problem weeds. Can you please let me know a chemical or substance that might kill, prevent, &/or eradicate it, but leave the grass living. My partner says "& leave me living as well." 1. First specimens have taken over three patches in the lawn & grow about 6 in. tall. When you touch the dryer ones, seeds "explode" & are dispersed in about a 4 foot wide circle. They pull out really easy, but so many I can't pull them all. 2. The second ones grow low to the ground & send creepers out about 6-10 inches. I have 6 total images if needed.


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Berrien County MI lawns and turf 7 months ago

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