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Plant Identification

We recently moved to a new home and this is a plant that is coming up near the house. Can you tell me what it is? I have tried to find out it's identity and cannot.

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Benzie County MI over 3 years ago


This maple had a high output of seed last spring. The one side is much sparser then the other in leaf growth. Will fertilizer help this issue or delay it’s demise? If so, what fertilizer would you recommend . I know it would need a deep root fertilizing process. Thank you, Bill Moore

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Benzie County MI 11 months ago

Raised Flower Bed

I’m putting in a driveway, in the spring, and will put in a flower garden next to it. The area next to the driveway is slopes (15:1) and measures 60L x 25W and I will raise the area at the roadway by 4 feet. I don’t want to just fill the whole area with topsoil because I feel it’s a waste of topsoil. Is there a layering methods using various aggregates, sand, and topsoil providing good drainage? Any applicable drawings would be helpful. Thank you.


Benzie County MI about 1 year ago

Giant larva

I found this larva while on my morning walk. What is it? It was rather large about half the length of my size 9 tennis shoe.



Benzie County MI 6 months ago

Red oak tree

The red oak tree seems to be struggling this summer. I just looked again at it and the leaves are curling and I found three different pests/bugs in it. Any advice?


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Benzie County MI 6 months ago

Composting ashes

Can I put ashes from my wood stove on the compost pile to be used for gardening later?


Benzie County MI over 2 years ago

Natural / Organic Beef

If I rase Natural or Organic Beef what kind of buffer zone do I need between my hay field that i feed my cattle or pasture where i keep them , and my neighbors apple orchard / Cherry orchard that he sprays with pesticides and herbicides, also is it the same buffer zone along side a corn field that sprays pesticides and herbicides ?


Benzie County MI over 7 years ago

Lower Herring Lake Benzie County shoreline erosion prevention

We have a cottage with 85 feet of shoreline on Lower Herring Lake in Frankfort, MI off M-22. The lake connects to Lake Michigan through Herring Creek. Over the last year, the lake level has risen so much that our dam no longer keeps the water in the lake constant. We now are at Lake Michigan levels as the water is about three feet over the dam. Lake levels continue to rise and we are advised that they could get even higher this year and next. Our shoreline has eroded about 10 to 15 feet from last year. We contacted two certified shoreline experts for plans to prevent further erosion. However, between April and now, so much further erosion has occurred due to rising lake levels that we feel the situation is unstable and a comprehensive plan is not viable. A Benzie County staff person, Frank Post suggested that native plants were the only option without obtaining a permit. Is this something we can do now on our own and if so, what would you suggest (including specific plant options and where to purchase them either on line or nursery)? I can send pictures if this will help. Thanks. Marilyn Raymond cell 248.763-5343 email


Benzie County MI over 1 year ago

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