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Horse stable mushroom

Can you please tell me what kind of mushroom this is?



Bay County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Poultry production and sales

I grow broilers, currently for personal use. I want to expand and begin to sell broilers to people at farmer's markets and elsewhere within the state. I do not want to process my own birds. Last year, I hired and took my birds to a Mennonite processor, who did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. May I sell birds processed there, or do I need to go to a USDA inspected facility?


Bay County Michigan poultry 10 months ago

Lead Paint in my vegetable garden

I live in the city and so space to grow a vegetable garden is always a challenge. I found what I thought to be the perfect place, behind and butted up to my garage. Now I am wondering if the paint on my garage ( that inevitably will be chipping off the garage and washing into my garden) is lead contaminated as my house was built in the early 1900's. I looked online at the soil test option MSU extension has, but it does not appear that it also tests for lead contamination. How would I go about testing this soil before I eat my harvest?

Thank you so much for your assistance!
Lisa M. Welch


Bay County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Conflict of Interest

The property to the north of us was purchased in March of 2014. They asked our township ZBA to consider a variance. Our neighbors and we attended the meeting and made our points for and against the request. The first variance request was denied. Two months later, they applied for another variance placing the building in the same place under a different statute, but this time they had the township building inspector represent them. He spoke for them the entire meeting. The ZBA gave him free rein as if he had some special right to speak in his role as "representative." He introduced a different statute and redefined a term that the ZBA adopted. Eventually, they granted the variance unanimously which puts the building in the same place as the first meeting. Also, our neighbors are in the middle of construction under the eye of the building inspector. Isn't it a conflict of interest for MY building inspector to represent one township citizen over another?


Bay County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Parent parcel

I want to apply for a land division. How do I find out if there is a parent parcel and how many splits have already been used?


Bay County Michigan about 2 years ago

Plant identification

have a single large plant growing in my yard. Currently stands about 20" high


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Bay County Michigan over 4 years ago


Are there any fliers or information on how to backyard garden using the hydroponics method (gardening above ground)? What is needed to get started? If it is expensive? More beneficial or healthier than growing vegetables in the ground?


Bay County Michigan almost 4 years ago

Northern bayberry

I have had a northern bayberry for quite a few years. It is about 8 to 10 feet tall. It has never had berries on it. Can you tell me possibly why or if there is anything I can do to encourage it getting fruit for the birds? Also because it is getting so tall, when can it be pruned? Thank you for your help. Bev Billingsley


Bay County Michigan bayberry tree not producing fruit over 1 year ago

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