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I have some native plums. Last year after reaching a small green olive stage...

I have some native plums. Last year after reaching a small green olive stage every single plum grew distorted and turned grey and felt like they were styrofoam. What happened? Can I prevent it?


Barry County MI stone fruit fruit trees plum trees plum diseases almost 3 years ago

Native Plum Mummies

Last year my native plum set loads of fruit. They grew as expected until about the size of a small green olive. Then they started to get some strange growth, exaggerated, and not even. Made me think of giganticism in humans. After which they turned gray and weight wise felt like they were made of styrofoam. This happened to every single one. What happened? and Can I prevent it? Sorry that I can't locate my picture.


Barry County MI fruit trees almost 3 years ago

What is this

It resembles a trumpet vine but never flowers.



Barry County MI plant identification over 3 years ago


What are these little bugs and larvae. They are killing our zuccini and squash plants , we are seeing them at the root end.



Barry County MI fruits and vegetables insect issues vegetable gardening over 3 years ago

Strange looking snake head worm

We had 3 of these creatures eating my wife’s potted lemon trees on our deck. Wondering if you can tell us what they are


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Barry County MI 5 months ago

black ants

In the past two weeks we have seen an increase in medium lg. black ants in our house. We live outside of HastingsMi. We had a real warm up and then some freezing. Our floors have radiant heat over a crawl space. My concern is are these carpenter ants or just black ants looking for moisture, and is this normal for mid Feb.


Barry County MI insect issues household pests ants almost 7 years ago

removing fungus causing septoria on tomatoes

I have a raised garden bed in which I grew tomatoes this summer. They became infected with septoria, the leaves fell off and very few tomatoes were harvested. I would like to prevent this from happening next summer. The bed is 4x4. about 3 feet off the ground and filled with potting soil. A soaker hose buried beneath the soil watered the tomatoes. The lower leaves were removed from the plants when planted so that no plant part touched the soil.

I would like to put something on or in the soil this fall to prevent the fungus from returning next spring. Is there anything available that will serve this purpose? I am physically (and financially) unable to remove the soil and refill the bed with new soil.

Thank you.


Barry County MI over 2 years ago

Christmas trees -pine

When can we start trimming our white/scotch pines? We are in Barry county and have to leave for a month the end if June. Concerned we will be too early now or too late in August. Thanks,


Barry County MI christmas trees 7 months ago

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