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Deer proofing young flowering crab trees for winter

What kind of mesh or fencing should I use


Baraga County Michigan trees and shrubs gardening animal damage horticulture deer management about 1 year ago

Galvanized Steel for Raised Vegetable it safe?

Is it safe to use galvanized steel to build a raised vegetable garden? Also, I had planned to use treated lumber on the outside of the planter but not touching the actual vegetable soil. Would this be okay? If not, do you have other suggestions for 4 x 8 raised garden beds that will not rot rapidly and is not excessively expensive?
Thank you!


Baraga County Michigan over 3 years ago

fruit tree pollination

Can I pollinate a summer crisp pear tree with a bartlett pear tree? If not what else could I use?


Baraga County Michigan over 4 years ago

Gnat Problem

We seem to be having an abnormal amount of gnats getting into the house this year. My screens are in good condition but are the standard mesh, 18X16 sold with the windows. These bugs are slender in width and up to ¼” long. They are attracted by light, swarm after dark, are temperature sensitive with fewer bugs on cool nights and seem to be getting in through the screens. My questions are what mesh size should I order to keep these bugs outside and does this last for the entire summer, or is this a short term problem. I live in northern Mich. on the shore of Lake Superior and in a heavily wooded area. Thank you for your help.


Baraga County Michigan integrated pest management insect issues over 5 years ago

What is this weed?

What is this plant, and will Roundup kill it?



Baraga County Michigan weed issues plant identification over 3 years ago

Subdividing a timbered 80 acres in Baraga County MI

Hi, Along with my 3 siblings, I inherited an 80 acre timbered parcel in L'Anse township, Baraga county MI. I want to retain 20 acres, and my siblings want to sell the remaining 60 acres. How do I go about getting the property subdivided and appraised? Is there a resource I can use ? thanks, Craig Struble


Baraga County Michigan about 5 years ago

Can I graft a red maple (the red maple that has red leaves or crimson leaves...

Can I graft a red maple (the red maple that has red leaves or crimson leaves all summer) to a sugar maple? And if so , when is the best time of year to do this?


Baraga County Michigan trees and shrubs grafting over 5 years ago


I received an email from a client wanting to know how to control Canadian thistle. Please advise.


Baraga County Michigan weed issues weed management about 4 years ago

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