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Client has birch trees that are losing leaves and many branches are dead.


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Arenac County MI almost 5 years ago

What is messing up my pepper plants?

I'm growing peppers organically in containers. On some plants, the leaves and new growth are getting small circles on them. The new growth is really getting goofed up and drying up. I have volunteer mint growing nearby. I've attached a picture.
Edited to add: I've since noticed some of those small circles on a potato plant and an Elephant Head amaranth.



Arenac County MI almost 4 years ago

oak trees dieing

I had 1 mature oak tree die in late summer 2011, 2 more trees died in 2012, this year I had 6 more dead trees at the start of the season and as of this date (8/5/13) 18 more have died. Of the 18 that later died a few started to leaf then died and the rest died after they had fully leaved.All trees were green before they died. No other species are affected. This year the trees have varied in maturity from young trees (2"-4" dia.), half grown trees (6"-10" dia.), to fully matured trees. The leaves just simply turn brown with no indication of cause. No sign of insect damage, rotting, discoloration of leaves, no sap coming out at any location, nothing! I've thought it could be something in the soil, which is all sand down to +/- 60 ft. Or perhaps something airborne that I'm not noticing. The location is Moffatt Twp in Arenac Cty, MI 48610. I've cut down a total of five large trees and the wood appears to be fine. Can you help before I lose more trees?
Larry Cunningham


Arenac County MI almost 7 years ago

LC66D8; Soil Analysis

Do you have any suggestions for why our grass appears to be weak? The soil analysis we had done is at our cottage on the Saginaw Bay. The blades appear to be thin. The grass grows but it seems to lay over more than stand straight. It is possible the fertilizer isn't penetrating what appears to be a thick root base? Sometimes I can still see the fertilizer even after we have had rain. The lawn is watered daily as well. Thanks!


Arenac County MI over 4 years ago

Ash trees

would live ash trees be of any use to you I have several some not tuched by the ash bore and some with scars that survived. All the trees are next to trees that were killed by the bore


Arenac County MI 10 months ago


I have two questions regarding trees. Please direct me to a resource if possible:

  1. We have been treating the ash tree in our yard for the ash borer for the past two years. So far it has not died as all the others in our neighborhood have. However, recently a web-like substance has formed around the base and up the trunk. It almost looks like saran wrap. Do you know if this is another pest threatening the tree, or could it be a predatory spider or something that might help it by eating the borer?


Arenac County MI over 4 years ago

Honey Crisp Apples

Client would like to know if Honey Crisp apples will last over the winter or at least until January. Would also like information on storing them.


Arenac County MI over 4 years ago


i have moss totally in my front yard. the yard has good drainage but is fully shaded. i want to plant new grass so how do keep the moss from coming back once i remove it.


Arenac County MI over 1 year ago

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