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worm/bug in home

A client brought in a small worm like bug she is finding in her home. She is seeing it mostly in her kitchen and basement. Can you help ID and give suggestions for getting rid of it. Thanks!


Antrim County MI over 5 years ago

Sugar Maple Tree Disorder

Attached are some pics of a sugar maple tree leaves. Looks like young leaves were infected first one side of the tree as they opened up. Then larger older leaves tend to be deformed with something pulling veins of leaf together.

Sugar_maple1_300x300%2523 Sugar_maple2_300x300%2523 Sugar_maple3_300x300%2523

Antrim County MI 7 months ago

Plant fertilizer that is safe to use near lake

We recently built a home on Torch Lake which includes extensive landscaping but we purposely did not include turf in the design as we did not want the weekly maintenance including cutting and weed control. We love and appreciate horticulture. We also are very sensitive to the environment. We would like to apply fertilizer to the plants And in speaking with local landscape contractors we are uncomfortable with what they are recommending to be applied- all the products include phosphorus which I have been taught is not to be used anywhere near a lake. Can you recommend a product that is safe yet effective and if possible should/can it be sprayed or is granular long term release ok? We do have a comprehensive in-ground irrigation system installed that includes both pop up heads and drip. Thank you.


Antrim County MI 6 months ago

getting mineral rights back

i have owned ten acres of land for over 20 years and 7 years ago bought ten more acres is there any way to get my mineral rights back there is no activity on land


Antrim County MI over 2 years ago

white pine stress

We have a very mature white pine that doesn't really have any new growth (candles or if they are there very small) showing yet this year and other white pines on our property do? The needles also seem smaller that other younger white pines? This was an empty lot on Torch lake with a natural lawn. We finished the build last June and have since installed sod that was grown in mineral base, as that is what our landscaper source from Saginaw sod farm. Supposedly mineral is more durable and drought resistant. A tractor did grading, but was gentle around the tree. The foundation of the house is far from tree, at least 30 feet from closest point. Am going to try and enclose some pics and any advise would be appreciated.


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Antrim County MI 8 months ago

Tomato Plant Problems

I am from the Antrim County Extension Office and client was in with questions on his tomato plants. For the last several years his plants are wilted and spotted. He said the problem starts at the base of the plant and works it's way up. I have attached a few pictures for you reference. Any information you can give to help him would be appreciated.


1tomato_plant_watrous_300x300%2523 2_tomato_plant_watrous_300x300%2523 3_tomato_plant_watrous_300x300%2523

Antrim County MI over 5 years ago

Kentucky bluegrass lawn dying?

We have a 10 year old lawn, mainly Kentucky Bluegrass. A large area in our front lawn has turned brown and looks like it's dying. The rest of our yard looks fabulous We're on a Scotts fertilizing plan but they've been little help trying to diagnose the problem. We checked our underground sprinklers for coverage, and don't think it's fertilizer burn because there's no pattern to it. The area appears to be spreading. I cannot tell if it's fungal because I don't know what to look for. There doesn't seem to be any spots or abnormal growth on the leaves. We did a soil test two years ago and just needed to make a minor PH adjustment. Any suggestions?


Img_0680_300x300%2523 Img_0681_300x300%2523 Img_0682_300x300%2523

Antrim County MI 6 months ago

Holes dug in yard

A client in Antrim County is having a problem with holes being dug in her yard. any ideas of what might be causing the problem? She is finding the holes throughout her yard.


Nicol_pic_1_300x300%2523 Nicol_pic_2_300x300%2523 Nicol_pic_3_300x300%2523

Antrim County MI over 2 years ago

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