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Identify weed and control??

Weed is in all of client's yard only. Does not seem to be in neighbor's yard. Identify and give options for control.


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Alpena County MI over 6 years ago


How long do Oaks in Michigan typically live?


Alpena County MI almost 4 years ago

planting sorrel from seed

I started sorrel from seed indoors and have about 10-12 sprouts in each pot. when I move them outside should I leave them in a clump or thin to a single plant?

Can I get a answer?


Alpena County MI over 1 year ago

Cover Crops For Small Gardens And Starting Seedlings


I'd like to get started on my garden preparation soon and I wondered if there were any cover crops you would suggest for a small garden. I know they are typically planted in the fall and I'm not sure if there are any you can do in Spring? I will be putting early veggies in as soon as possible (peas, etc.), so it would be either something I could plant and till in before then, or something I could plant in the areas of the garden which get the later crops.

Also, I'd like to start some seedlings inside this year, flowers, tomatoes, and peppers. So any resources on that would be appreciated. If I want to do melons and squash is it better to directly sow the seeds or are these also good started indoors?

Lastly, are there any products you'd recommend for this, grow lights, heating mats, etc? I won't have a lot of room, but hope to do 4-6 flats.

Thank you!


Alpena County MI almost 4 years ago


Client has blue and green spruce. Trees are approximately 10 years old and about 20 feet tall. Three of six of them are browning at the bottom and loosing needles. Some of the good trees have branches that are going bad.


Alpena County MI over 5 years ago

Planting Arborvitae and Bulbs In November

Hello. A friend dropped off several potted arborvitae they didn't get around to planting. I was wondering if it was too late to plant them. If I can, should I fertilze them. Also, several of mine really struggled after our harsh winter last year and have large patches of dead growth. I'm wondering if these patches will eventually fill in so the tree doesn't look so ratty and also if there's anything I could do to help this. Lastly, they also gave me a bag of daffodils and one of hyacinth. May I still plant these? They did give me the receipt, would I be better off returning them? Thank you.


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Alpena County MI about 5 years ago

What is wrong with this Maple Tree?

Our client brought in some leaves from his maple tree to see what is wrong with it. The leaves are turning colors around the edges. He has two trees next to each other and they are both effected. They are about 40 ft tall and about 20 ft from the road. None of the branches are dying and the leaves haven't fallen yet. It is unknown if this has happened in previous years since they have just moved in a month ago but they started changing colors two weeks ago. Thanks


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Alpena County MI over 1 year ago

Can you ID this plant?

Our client brought in this leaf for ID. It is growing in his lawn and he states it does not flower. Any idea? Thanks



Alpena County MI over 1 year ago

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