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Yew hedges

When to prune

Allegan County MI about 1 month ago

Tooth Identification

I have someone who found an old tooth on a Lake Michigan beach and needs help identifying which animal it came from. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your assistance! Ronda


Allegan County MI about 5 years ago

Large beetle

Black hard she'll beetle 4 bright orange dots on back. Antennae almost as long as body. 1&1/2 inches long.


Allegan County MI almost 2 years ago

My perrenials are being eaten during the night

I suspect chafer beetles are eating my flowers at night. We found grubs while doing lawn work and have also found dead adults. My lawn seems healthy but we do seem to have a lot of moles. How do I control the grubs and save my flowers??


Allegan County MI over 2 years ago

rototilled in wood chips, soil a mess

Our vegetable garden is a mess. Small plants, produced little. Rototilled in wood chips last three years. Think that caused the problem. what to do. Thank YOU. Kathy


Allegan County MI almost 6 years ago

I Need help identifying a mushroom

This has sprung up near some wood chips we put out. Any idea about what kind of mushroom it is. Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks, -Steve Williford
ps- well, I have just seen your answer to a previous mushroom identity question and I have to believe my question deserves the same answer. I would delete my question except I think the pictures are really interesting. but thank you, anyway.


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Allegan County MI almost 2 years ago

Insect question

Saw this insect on a plant at the edge of a small wooded area near my house. Can you identify it?



Allegan County MI about 1 year ago

Soil Fertility by county

I was just curious where I may find the data describing the soil fertility in various regions, specifically in Allegan county as I am working on a project for a prospective vineyard and was just wondering where I might find something as simple as NPK levels, short of taking a flight to michigan, sampling, and waiting to hear back from the lab. Thanks!


Allegan County MI over 5 years ago

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