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Initial equipment for smarter lunchroom strategies

We are applying for a grant for smallwares for the front line of our school cafeteria. I know we need display equipment, but I am needing specific suggestions and resources and items. We have signage covered under a different fund. We have a salad bar and would like some enhancements for that as well


Alger County MI about 3 years ago

Disabled Veterans to Beekeepers

To whom it may concern Hi my name is Donald R Schafer. I was in the Navy for 8 years. I am now a disabled veteran. I suffer from PTSD anxiety, and a messed-up shoulder. I am looking into starting beekeeping. Since I got out of the Navy I have been lost feeling useless and not wanted. I am wanting to start beekeeping because of the structure they show kinda like the military . I want to feel part of a team again. I am looking for equipment or moneys to start my endeavor. I want to sell honey to buy starter kits to help other disabled veteran like me to better their lives. So any equipment you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Donald R Schafer (906)241-5265 N 2520 US 41. Trenary, mi 49891



Alger County MI over 4 years ago

Soil Suitability for Dawn Redwoods

I would like to establish Dawn Redwoods on my property located in Alger County. Is it likely that my high ground, might support this tree? The land is dominated by Red, White and Jack Pine(s) and I am to begin clearing amnd mulching secondary growth. I would like to introduce some diversity and these are my favorite species.



Alger County MI over 2 years ago

N application on established Asparagus beds

I sent in soil samples last fall and you recommended I apply nitrogen (24-0-12) to my asparagus beds. However, Option 1 on the instructions you sent say to apply it at 10 lbs per 1000 sq.ft BEFORE planting and till it in. Since the beds are already established (10+ years old), do I still do 10 lbs per 1000 sq ft? Thanks, Archie Hendrick


Alger County MI over 3 years ago

Blue Spruce problem

I have several blue spruces with the branches dying from the bottom up. Looks like Rhizosphaera, but could phomopsis or Diplodia. Could you suggest an appropriate fungicide and possibly where to obtain it. Thank you. Robert Kueber at


Alger County MI over 1 year ago

How to prepare for a timber sale

We have a 64 acre forested parcel of property near Deerton, MI that was my grandparents homestead (since the 1920s) and has been unoccupied for the last 20 years. My brother and I invited a logger to look the property over last fall, and he said it had a significant quantity of hardwoods. What do we need to know and learn beforehand to prepare for a timber sale? What are the steps? Do we need to work with a forester, lawyer, etc.? I live in Kalamazoo MI.


Alger County MI about 5 years ago

Any idea what this is; seeds, insect eggs?

I found this in my woods a few days ago. There are a lot of them at the base of a tree. The main pile in the photo covers about a 2 ft x 2 ft. square; so hundreds if not a thousand. These are roughly the size of a BB. Hard, blue black. round. I cut one of them with a knife, Different color inside but does not appear to be as dense as the outside. Should I be concerned? If they are seeds they must have come from quite a distance as I spend a lot of time outdoors and never seen anything like it.


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Alger County MI over 1 year ago

Unprecedented No-see-um infestation in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

We are summer residents in a well-built house. This is our 25th year near Chatham in the Upper Peninsula, and we are being driven out by a plague-sized infestation of no-see-ums. We vacuum the entire circumference of our bedroom ceiling -- where the ceiling meets the wall -- multiple times a day. This is where they congregate, though not so in any other room in the house. We keep the windows closed in that room knowing they can come through screens, but it makes no difference. We use sticky traps and have ordered an electric indoor mosquito catcher. I am covered with weeping sores.


Alger County MI about 5 years ago

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