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Natural Pond

There is a natural pond on some property I have in Alcona county. Is there any way to check to see if the water is safe for my family and pets to enjoy?

Alcona County Michigan testing pond water 4 months ago

sedum acre

I have sedum acre patches in my grass and I would like to know how to kill it without killing my grass. I use 2 4d each spring for dandelions but it has no effect on the sedum acre


Alcona County Michigan lawns and turf weed issues over 6 years ago


This insect is on a wooden house - would like to know what it is. The insect does not do damage to the house. Appears to have front claws and it's very difficult to pull them from the wood. The two long object appear to be wings.



Alcona County Michigan insect issues over 6 years ago


Is this a tic? I know it is small - the lady found it after a dog show. It does have 6 legs. Is this a deer tic (lime)?



Alcona County Michigan integrated pest management over 6 years ago

What is this tree?

This tree is about 16' tall - the berries look like crab tree berries. Do you know what type of tree or bush this is?



Alcona County Michigan trees and shrubs about 6 years ago

Green beans dying

The Blue Lake Green Beans in Harold's garden are dying. The beans sprout okay but now the stems are splitting then the leaves turn brown and the plants die.


Alcona County Michigan fruits and vegetables over 2 years ago

plum tree

Do you know what is growing on the back of this plum tree and how to treat it?



Alcona County Michigan over 5 years ago

Plant pests

Do leaf miners attack bleeding heart plants?


Alcona County Michigan over 1 year ago

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