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eradicating poison ivy

How can we eradicate poison ivy in our yard without resort to non-organic controls? The area in question borders an organic farm, in an area where small children play. We have heard of goats, vinegar spray, and grubbing it out. Are there other methods? It would be helpful to have details on safe techniques for grubbing and on how frequently to spray vinegar, at what concentration, etc. Thanks!


Hampshire County MA about 6 years ago

Help Identifying A Houseplant

I just purchased this plant and am unable to identify it. Please help!


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Hampshire County MA about 5 years ago

How do I care for a Paw-Paw colony?

Hi there,
Here I am in Massachusetts, and I know that the Paw-Paw experts are in Kentucky. So, I am asking for your advice. A decade or so ago, I planted two paw-paw trees as part of my large "vegetable" garden. They have grown well, and one began to colonize a couple of years ago. Both of them are sending up new trees this year. There are many little trees that want to grow, and I read at the U of Kentucky info that they are not likely to tolerate transplanting. I was hoping I could just dig some up and offer them to friends. If that is not recommended, then what is the best method for me to manage this little colony which is beginning to get crowded?


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Hampshire County MA about 1 month ago

Where can I buy the seeds to grow my own M27 rootstock?

I'm interested in doing my own grafting for some container apple trees. Ideally I would like to do the whole process myself: growing M27 seeds and then grafting the scion onto my own rootsock. It seems like ordering rootstock is difficult in itself, and I can't find any resources to order the seeds specifically for M27.

Admittedly I'm am a amateur at this so I may be asking the wrong questions or looking in the wrong places. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


Hampshire County MA over 4 years ago

Common burred twining weed

All over the valley - whirled leaves, yellow or brown in summer, burred seeds this time of year. escapes wood edges into gardens. Please help ID


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Hampshire County MA about 4 years ago

What type of plant is this?

Can you please identify this plant for me?



Hampshire County MA almost 4 years ago

Tiny worms in Iris rhizome

I just dug up my Iris's to move them and the tuber is full of tiny holes about the size of a pencil tip with white worms inside that are only about a centimeter in length. The damage nor the worm look like anything I have found for the iris borer. Could you tell me what it is and how to treat it?
I should add that we bought the home with the Iris there already, so I dont think they have been touched in 15 years at least.
Thank you!


Hampshire County MA about 7 years ago

Trying to identify this strange weed

Hi, I'm new to this plant identification app so perhaps I am not using it correctly but I've tried 4 or 5 times and have been unable to get a positive identification. Can you please possibly tell me what this is? I hope I haven't endangered my family by allowing it to grow for so long. It's fascinating to me - like something out of star trek. Any help you can give is much appreciated. Thanks, Annie



Hampshire County MA almost 4 years ago

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