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Can I buy a house

I help to move my brother from Puerto Rico because of Maria devastation, he own a home there finance by farmers home, he's not planning to go there for the moment, can he buy another house and not be in any kind of problems?


Hampden County MA over 2 years ago

Please help

I have searched high and low trying to identify this plant. Any idea??


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Hampden County MA almost 4 years ago

Bye bye Raccoons

If I bring in the bird feeder at night, the raccoons will stay away, right? What about nocturnal flying squirrels...I would like them to stay


Hampden County MA about 1 year ago

What kind of bug

What kind of bug Is this



Hampden County MA 8 months ago

Sucker Shoots growing out of the trunk

I have wonderfully old apple tree that is partially dead. I am attempting to prolong its life. Should I cut the sucker branches growing out of its trunk? Thanks Dick


Hampden County MA about 2 years ago

Can you identify this plant?

I'm having trouble identifying this plant. Can you?


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Hampden County MA about 4 years ago

Dying Maple

I have an adult 40 foot Maple in my front yard. Just bought the house 2 1/2 years ago. Noticed last summer there were a few bare branches at the top. This summer it is worse. Tried to research to help it. Giving it fertilizer and nitrogen, removed some mulch built up around its base, water it during consecutive dry days. Some of the bare branches have sprouted some leaves here and there, but its slow in coming. The bark seems okay to me. A lot of smaller sucker roots have developed around base because of the mulch, I think. Don't know if I should cut them off. A few dead branches have fallen off. Is there any hope?


Hampden County MA about 2 years ago

little japanese tree

we planted a small Japanese red tree in our front lawn this year after allowing it to grow a little last year in our home. We live in a four season area and can sometimes have long severe winters. It's October now approaching winter in the New England area what can we do to protect this tree from any if any winter damage that might occur. John


Hampden County MA almost 5 years ago

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