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Squash bugs and brown leaves

1. I pulled out the squash plants and there were dozens of squash bugs, big and small, crawling in the soil. HOw do I get ride of these pests so I can plant fall crops? 2. What causes the tips of house plants to turn brown?

Worcester County Maryland almost 4 years ago

Cost of Health Insurance Affordable Care Act

What will it cost if I don't get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act?


Worcester County Maryland personal finance taxes health insurance affordable care act health insurance literacy income taxes about 6 years ago

Please identify this scrub. It grows in the shade of Worcester county. I...

Please identify this scrub. It grows in the shade of Worcester county. I would like to plant more. Thanks, Tom



Worcester County Maryland shrubs plant id about 4 years ago

best way to get rid of bagworms

best way to get rid of bagworms


Worcester County Maryland trees and shrubs insects bagworms over 4 years ago

Goat hooves

Hi, Do you know of anyone in the Worcester County Berlin, MD area that will trim goat hooves? Thank you, Sharon Goodman


Worcester County Maryland almost 2 years ago

Our windmill palm looks bad after this severe winter. It is 7 feet tall and...

Our windmill palm looks bad after this severe winter. It is 7 feet tall and we have had it for 8 years and it has never looked like this before. We have two questions : 1. Should we cut the dead ends off ? , 2. Can you use hydrogen peroxide on the tree...read somwhere that you could pour it down the center to help. thanks , John & Nancy Grunewald 741 Ocean Parkway Ocean Pines, Md 21811



Worcester County Maryland over 5 years ago

Tree Farm in Worcester County

I am interested in purchasing a small, 47 acre, tree farm in Worchester county. What services do you offer for tree farms and for people who are interested in investing in farming in the county? Thank You Jim Lucas


Worcester County Maryland over 1 year ago

Aronia Berry Plant Yields

I have two Aronia berry plants in 10 gallon containers in my back yard in Ocean Pines. They were in their third year when we moved here from Philadelphia PA area. The first year they had only one or two blossoms and handful of berries. The second year they did much better yielding several hurts of berries .The past two years they have stopped producing berries. I used my compost and Hollytone the first year and Fish Emollient (5-1-1) and coffee grounds this year. Is there anything you can suggest to help me get berries again. The plants are 8 ft tall and seem very "leggy" to me. They have grown taller each year and the leaves have good color. Would trimming them back in the winter possibly help? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Worcester County Maryland aronia shrub no berries over 2 years ago

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