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Help my maple tree

What can I do to prevent death?


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Wicomico County Maryland about 1 year ago

I was given a small jade plant about 3 months ago - its about six inches in...

I was given a small jade plant about 3 months ago - its about six inches in height/width. I keep it indoors at work on a window ledge with plenty of indirect sunlight - watered infrequently (about twice a month). Recently, I noticed it has this white cottony sticky material under the leaves where the leaves connect to the stem. I don't see any bugs, just the white material. What is it? Is it dangerous to my plant? How do I fix the problem? Thanks!


Wicomico County Maryland over 7 years ago


Hi. Would you please tell me what this plant is? Thanks



Wicomico County Maryland 5 months ago

Tomato Plant

This is pictures of a Brandwine Pink & Reds. There is something that is causing the discoloration but we aren't sure what it is. Could it be iron chlorosis? I am organic and have used Serenade Fungicide on them but will use Copper if needed. Sometimes the color will return to green and mostly the discoloration is on the lower leaves. A few cooler nights will cause it is get yellow as well. What is happening and what can I do?


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Wicomico County Maryland about 1 year ago

Hydrangea Disease

I have had this hydrangea for over 13 years, but several years ago, I introduced a rose bush that became diseased. I would cut the diseased portions off, put Bayer Rose Care 3-1 around the base and then continue the battle. The disease then infected another near by rose bush and my hydrangea. We removed both rose bushes last year. The hydrangea seemed to be recovering and produced 1 bloom this year, but then the leaves developed black spots. I sprayed Ortho Rose and Shrub Disease, Mite and Pest Control on the diseased leaves, but the disease continued to spread. I tried cutting off the diseased leaves and stems, but the disease continued to spread. There were a few yellow leaves with black spots at the bottom that I cut off and threw away. I have attached the latest pictures of the hydrangea. I really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks,


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Wicomico County Maryland about 2 years ago

Planting shrubs in June?

Is June too late to plant shrubs? (boxwoods, cherry tree, azalea)


Wicomico County Maryland over 2 years ago

Bag worms eating my plants, help!

I just noticed that I have bag worms eating one of my arborvitae out front, and have noticed that they're trying to spread to neighboring plants. No idea how long they've been there. I've read the sprays are effective earlier in their lives, but what can I do now to stop the destruction? And any idea if the plants will recover or is the damaged part irreparable? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Wicomico County Maryland about 4 years ago


Would you have any idea what these brown spots are on my butterfly bush. I don't use any sprays on it. It has been damp, rainy, and cloudy a great deal.



Wicomico County Maryland 4 months ago

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