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Weed Verification

Is Fleabane a wildflower or weed?


Talbot County Maryland flower weed fleabane about 3 years ago

Holly tree blues


I have two beautiful Blue Maid Holly trees, (at least I think that's what they are). They are three years old and are now about seven feet tall.

Recently one of them has started to drop all its leaves and the leaves remaining appear to have lost their shine and have dark brown spots on them. I'm afraid it's going to die. I have cared for them carefully adding hollytone as directed. We had a very wet spring and early summer and then a lot of heat. They are shaded. Help, I love my trees,can I save the one that's sick

Any help you can give me is much appreciated.

Victoria Furey


Talbot County Maryland shrubs holly leaf drop about 2 years ago

Sick Roses

My Knockout Roses recently turned up dying. 5 Bushes. And I haven't been able to find out what is causing it.


Dscn0574_300x300%2523 Dscn0571_300x300%2523

Talbot County Maryland rose slug sawfly damage withered roses trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Brown leaves on a bush bean plant

I have brown patches on my bush bean plant leaves. The plant seems healthy otherwise. I attached a picture. Is this a disease or atoo mich watering? Is there anything I can do? Thanks!



Talbot County Maryland vegetable bean leaves over 3 years ago

Ugh! Cleaning out my parents old shed, I found 5 ancient five-pound bags of...

Ugh! Cleaning out my parents old shed, I found 5 ancient five-pound bags of Sevin dust! The bags are so old that the paper bags began to tear as I lifted them. I've got them all in a plastic bag now, but what shall I do with them?? I'm in Talbot County, and there is one hazardous materials collection in a tri-county area late in the spring. Any ideas?


Talbot County Maryland pesticides disposal of pesticide over 4 years ago

Bugs/disease? Help, please!

I have a few photos but it appears I can only attach (3) with this form. Is there another way I can send you a few more photos? Thank you. I have (2) problems: 1) "Emerald Green Arborvitae". Bought (2) in Sept, 2015 from Lowes. Potted them for either side of my garage. They've done great until recently I noticed some brown foliage. I found a good size web near the bottom, close to the trunk. Pulled it out. See photos. The other arborvitae has some brown foliage as well, but found no webs. I was planning to repot them into slightly larger pots. 2) Camilia. Planted 10-14 yrs ago. I've had this same "bug" for about (4) yrs. I treated it several times with a "Spray oil" recipe I got online with photos of what I thought was the bug. It didn't work well and was a pain to treat (before rain, after rain? Whatever!). It has bloomed in white every late winter. This year the many blooms were dark pink and beautiful! See photos.


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Talbot County Maryland trees shrubs over 1 year ago

Fungus Gnat Home Interior Infestation

Since the middle of May the first level of our home has had increasing numbers of fungus gnats on just about every window sill and on the bathroom floors. At first it was just a few gnats in a couple of windows but now 5 windows on the north side of our house have hundreds of gnats each every day. Most of the gnats seem to be dead but there are quite a few flying round the windows. We have no house plants in the house. Our house was built last year and completed on July 3, 2017. We never saw any gnats in the house until this problem started. Paramount Pest Control treated the drains and fogged the house but within days the gnats were back to what they were before. The next week Paramount came back and sprayed around the foundation of the house but this was the day before we had 3.5 inches of rain. Again, the gnats were unaffected. Our house has lawns around all sides with some mulched areas against the foundation containing various plants like roses, ornamental grasses, etc. My questions are: 1. Looking at the included photos, are they really fungus gnats? 2. Assuming that the gnats are getting in from the outside, what is the best treatment for getting rid of them long term? Thanks for any help with this problem.


07-27-2018_gnats_(14)_300x300%2523 07-27-2018_gnats_(10)_300x300%2523

Talbot County Maryland insect or spider id pest insects and mites about 1 year ago

Just this week discovered bagworms on my arbivitae, some damage has been...

Just this week discovered bagworms on my arbivitae, some damage has been done, have picked off all that we saw, each day going back and relooking, what do we need to do at this point and later to prevent another infestation next year...and the timing please. Also, will these plants rebound, they are not at all severely damaged, but noticeable gaps. PS really prefer the most environmentally safe method.


Talbot County Maryland bagworm control about 6 years ago

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