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When we plant anything (trees, bushes, flowers) in our back yard, they grow...

When we plant anything (trees, bushes, flowers) in our back yard, they grow well for a year or two, even two or three years, then just die. Where can we have our soil tested to see if we can solve the problem?

Somerset County MD almost 7 years ago

Spiders covering the lawn on Eastern Share

What would you recommend to control the spider population in our lawn. We have a toddler and a dog so that is also a consideration. Spring and fall seem the worst times, but patio furniture is always web coated a day after cleaning. Thanks


Somerset County MD pest control spiders over 1 year ago

sweet corn

I read about roundup ready sweet corn plant about 1/2 acre of sweet corn. what your thought about planting it, what are the plus and minus thanks


Somerset County MD vegetable roundup ready corn almost 3 years ago

Plaintiff Andre Tyrone Fisher and my SFP compensation for the erroneous conviction and imprisonment-

Can you please give me your effective assistance of counsel and help me get my compensation for the erroneous conviction and imprisonment-certification according to SB 348 chapter 799


Somerset County MD miscellaneous over 1 year ago


When should I cut back my mums for the fall bloom? How far down should I cut them?


Somerset County MD flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials over 2 years ago

fall strawberries

I want to plant strawberries this fall in Somerset County, Crisfield, Maryland. Our zone is between 7 and 8 and we are near the waters of the Chesapeake so it gets hot and steamy in summer. What varieties would perform best in my raised beds? I have read that fall planting can allow some harvest the next spring. Is that true? I am looking for a June bearing variety that produces a large crop one time in spring.


Somerset County MD fruit strawberry planting over 3 years ago

dead lettuce

The two containers of the same lettuce, watered the same, same growing medium, and same sun exposure, are very different as you can see! What do you think killed the lettuce in the near container, and what should be done about it? Thanks.



Somerset County MD vegetables plant care abiotic issues over 1 year ago

Spring planting

When and what type of peas can I plant this spring and can I plant snap or as this early?


Somerset County MD vegetables almost 2 years ago

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