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•Name, age and/or size of plant Unk age, Bradford Pear, 40ft approximately...

•Name, age and/or size of plant Unk age, Bradford Pear, 40ft approximately •When was the problem was first noted. Large portion of the tree branch split area broke off, much area looks black inside. Noted insects with what appears to be blackish with strips on the back. Additionally then noted boring wholes, going around the tree up quite a distance. Looked at 3 other Bradford pear trees in year, noted same bore wholes. •What part of the plant is affected? Bark trunk, larger limbs/splits, interior (upon part of tree breaking off) •Have symptoms progressed or changed? Purchased home less than year ago. Only noticed today. But large number of insects on limb, and large number of wholes in tree. •Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.) Full sun, St. Mary's County -wind in storm conditions •Soil problems (compacted soil, construction activity, poor drainage), low lying but drains, looks of moles/voles so pretty soft in some areas. •Pesticide and fertilizer applications. Applied grub killer to grass in past month. Photos (jpg, png, or gif files less than 5MB and in focus) are very helpful! •Include an object (ruler/ coin) to indicate scale, especially important for insect ID. •Tree and shrub photos should include a 12-24” branch with leaves, flowers, fruit or seed pods as well as a photo of entire plant, if possible. •Flowers, weeds, and other herbaceous plant photos should show entire plant, preferably with flowers or seed heads. •Descriptions should include size and source (if known) of plant; color, aroma, and time of flowering; fruit, cone, etc. •If seeking disease or insect diagnosis, photos should show transition from healthy to affected plant material.

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St. Mary's County Maryland almost 6 years ago

Encore Azalea

I have a 7 year old Encore Azalea about 5 feet in diameter that is hanging over my walkway. When and how can I prune this shrub if at all? LLP

St. Mary's County Maryland almost 3 years ago

Help/hope for this camellia?

This camellia (japonica) was planted in the summer of 2016 and did bloom last spring. However, many of the leaves have recently turned brown; some have fallen off and the buds are brownish as well. Is there anything I should be doing? Is it going to die or might it recover? Any chance of it blooming this year? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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St. Mary's County Maryland over 1 year ago

I have 7 or 8 dwarf fruit trees, apples, peaches, pears, cherry. My first...

I have 7 or 8 dwarf fruit trees, apples, peaches, pears, cherry. My first question is how to get better yield, how to fertilize and how and where to get a soil sample analysis.

St. Mary's County Maryland over 5 years ago

I have a raspberry bush. That half of it looks like it is dying. the leaves...

I have a raspberry bush. That half of it looks like it is dying. the leaves are curled with brown around the edges. But not the whole plant. can you please tell me what to do. I live near Smith's Creek


St. Mary's County Maryland trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables raspberries horticulture over 6 years ago

What is this plant?

My friend pulled up attached weed from her yard. She says there is plenty of it growing wild. Can you identify it and where it may have come from?



St. Mary's County Maryland plant identification herbs 12 months ago


I have searched the extension site for non chemical weed control. I am looking for information on nontoxic method to remove weeds in the drive and walkways that will not leach to growing areas or kill wanted areas with chemical drifting. I have heard about propane weed burners, steam killing and freezing the weeds. On those ideas, I have not found viable equipment. Are you aware of any solutions.


St. Mary's County Maryland weeds 5 months ago

What to do with Bradford Pear tree with insects and limb loss?

Bradford pear, approximately 40 feet, large limb at split broke off, looks like boring in tree around, age of tree unknown. Found insects -see attached - crawling all over tree. Round small holes up and down tree and noted on large limb that split off. Black inside where split/limb broke. 3 other Bradford pears in yard seem to have the same holes in larger or smaller section of trees. St. Mary's County, low lying but not flood area, soft soil, assisted in softness by moles and voles. Drainage issues only during heavy rains, but soil drains pretty well overall. Recent insecticide of grub killer on grass . Full sun. Only purchased home less than a year ago. No notice previously of the boring holes or insects. Trunk and larger limbs on each tree seem to be affected, but don't have a ladder to look further. Obviously the issue is bad - as branches/large limbs where the tree trunk splits is breaking off. No constant wind, only during significant storms.



St. Mary's County Maryland trees and shrubs insect identification bradford pear trees almost 6 years ago

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