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Rain Garden

Hello, I am developing plans for a rain garden on my property (see attached), and I was hoping to speak to someone (or even have someone visit) about how I can/should approach it. The challenge I have is that I'm not only trying to handle runoff from my roof, but my property appears to be downstream from several properties' runoff, which builds up in my back yard and flood the yard and my sump/basement. I need help determining the size of the rain garden, and ensure I don't cause any issues with my neighbor. Can you help or can you refer me to someone who can help me develop plans for something that'll work? Thanks! Brandt


Prince George's County MD about 1 year ago


I discovered this cocoon under my deck on Jan 6, 2018. It looks like it may have been disturbed? It is about 3 inches wide and 4 or 5 inches long. I am thinking Giant Silk Moth.

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Prince George's County MD over 1 year ago

Planting an Eastern Redbud Tree

How close can an Eastern Redbud Tree be grown next to my house without having problems from it's growth?

Prince George's County MD over 1 year ago

Persimmon problems

My Fuji persimmon trees are dropping all there leaves, do you know why? Thank you , John

Prince George's County MD about 3 years ago

Lawn Moles

Are there any methods other than traps or harmful sources to pets, for ridding of lawn moles? Are the sonic spikes effective or recommended?

Prince George's County MD over 3 years ago

Wilted basil w brown stems and strange growth

I have basil in a large container (with drainage holes). Leaves wilted and bottoms of stems turned brown. Looks like some kind of eggs or growths on stalks. What do you think it is? What can I do better next year? Thanks.

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Prince George's County MD almost 4 years ago

Raspberry Plants, suddenly turning yellow from the base up....

These plants were planted last fall, and did beautifully this spring, and last week they started have a few yellowing leaves. As I saw them pop up, I removed them, treated the entire area with diatomaceous earth and hoped. This week, it's spread to multiple plants... These are growing in 28" high boxes, in full sun, with a blend of compost, dried manure, garden soil and peat. There are no problems with the soil. The plants have been treated only with Neem Oil and alternately diatomaceous earth (the white powder in the attached photos). Due to the boxes being new and the soil mix being new last fall, no fertilizer except composted leaves has been applied this season. After doing some research I'm wondering if this an aphid spread disease? If it is, is there anything I can do to treat it? And will the plants be ok? Or will I have to pull them out? thanks!

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Prince George's County MD about 5 years ago

Oak tree blight

I have six large oak trees. They are losing their leaves leaving bare areas. Can they be helped in any way. Each tree is about 60 to 70 feet tall. Thanks for help for assistance.Ray Doetsch in Beltsville.

Prince George's County MD about 5 years ago

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