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Adelgids on hemlock trees

We have an infestation of adelgids on 10 mature hemlock trees in our yard. We used dinotefuran granules 4 years ago and have been free of adelgids since then. I am wondering why the Ag Dept is now recommending Imidacloprid and not dinotefuran. What is your recommendation of a granular product?

Montgomery County Maryland 7 days ago

Possibly excess chemicals applied to lawns?

Firms such as Tru-Green spray-apply chemicals to lawns, then post small signs warning nearby residents about possible danger to pets. Too, such applications are eventually washed away and carried to streams and other water bodies, causing problems downstream. It seems such applications are excessive and dangerous. What are your suggestions about how to tend to lawns without excess chemical applications? Thanks for your input

Montgomery County Maryland 11 days ago

Lawn disease.

Please see the attached picture. What kind of disease does my lawn have and how should I treat it? Also, how do I prevent it in the future? Thank you.


Montgomery County Maryland 7 months ago

plant name?

grew all over garden my areas. more than 2 ft tall with compact root ball. pernicious weed? thanx for any info1


Montgomery County Maryland 8 months ago

Aggressive, native groundcover that deer do not like

I am looking for an aggressive groundcover to outcompete an invasive houtynnia (chameleon plant) in an area of my yard. I cannot afford to dig up the entire area, and have found repeated applications of Roundup as was previously suggested by your office to be ineffective. I want a native plant, that is very deer resistant. Would ostrich ferns or equisetum fit the requirement? The area is a dry, sunny area, that will have limited access to hand watering. Thanks for any help. Sandy Laden

Montgomery County Maryland 9 months ago

Dead area on boxwood

Do I need to to do anything for this boxwood?


Montgomery County Maryland 10 months ago

Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple at my Rockville home has lacked vigor coming through the last few winters. Some branches are completely defoliated. Should I try to trim it or start over? I am attaching photos. Thanks for your consideration of this question.

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Montgomery County Maryland 11 months ago

Is this a cocoon??

It seems furry... I found it with some students a while ago. Please help!!


Montgomery County Maryland over 1 year ago

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