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Lawn disease.

Please see the attached picture. What kind of disease does my lawn have and how should I treat it? Also, how do I prevent it in the future? Thank you.


Montgomery County MD about 1 month ago

plant name?

grew all over garden my areas. more than 2 ft tall with compact root ball. pernicious weed? thanx for any info1


Montgomery County MD 3 months ago

Aggressive, native groundcover that deer do not like

I am looking for an aggressive groundcover to outcompete an invasive houtynnia (chameleon plant) in an area of my yard. I cannot afford to dig up the entire area, and have found repeated applications of Roundup as was previously suggested by your office to be ineffective. I want a native plant, that is very deer resistant. Would ostrich ferns or equisetum fit the requirement? The area is a dry, sunny area, that will have limited access to hand watering. Thanks for any help. Sandy Laden

Montgomery County MD 4 months ago

Dead area on boxwood

Do I need to to do anything for this boxwood?


Montgomery County MD 4 months ago

Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple at my Rockville home has lacked vigor coming through the last few winters. Some branches are completely defoliated. Should I try to trim it or start over? I am attaching photos. Thanks for your consideration of this question.

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Montgomery County MD 6 months ago

Is this a cocoon??

It seems furry... I found it with some students a while ago. Please help!!


Montgomery County MD 11 months ago

Growing indoor herbs

I purchased some herbs from our local big box store - basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary. I planted them in potting soil and watered them when the topsoil was dry. The basil and parsley get the morning sun and the thyme gets afternoon sun. I have already lost the rosemary. The thyme and parsley have white on the leaves. I checked for aphids but did not see any. Also, the basil is lymph and not thriving. Could you please advise me on these problems? Thank you

Montgomery County MD about 1 year ago

Hay analysis

Can I call someone or can I get an address to sent it in?

Montgomery County MD over 1 year ago

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