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European Beech issue

My young (8-9 yrs) Tri-color European Beech leaves have all suddenly turned brown and curled up. I see no signs of any insects or bark incursion. Can this tree still survive ? What steps can I take to assist its struggles?

Howard County Maryland about 1 month ago

Spruce Tree

The lower branches are loosing leaves Is the tree dyi?

Howard County Maryland about 1 month ago

plant ID requested!

Do you know what this plant is? It appeared suddenly and I'm not sure if it's a weed or a desirable volunteer. Thanks!


Howard County Maryland 3 months ago

Green tomatos

We bought this tomato plant three months ago and although the tomatoes became somewhat sizable within several weeks, they have yet to turn red.

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Howard County Maryland 3 months ago

My 45 year old pyracantha is wilting!

Our pyracantha is wilting badly. The leaves are limp and the green intensity is decreasing. With all the rain we have had in Columbia I do not think it is due to dryness. The soil is moist around the plant. It has been in this place for over 40 years. Their is new growth at base of plant. This plant has only one large stem (trunk) out of the ground. I have trimmed the bush into a one stem tree.

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Howard County Maryland 4 months ago

Bird Safe deer exclusion fencing

I need to build a deer, groundhog, rabbit exclusion fence around a garden. I would like it to be bird safe. I'm planning to use aluminum 'mesh' or plastic, but I'm concerned that birds might get injured by it. What size should the openings be to be sure that birds 1. see it, and 2. don't get caught in it. What other animal exclusion, or safety issues should I be concerned about? I have attached an image from the internet showing what I have in mind. Thank you, Ann


Howard County Maryland 4 months ago

Hairy Bittercress control

I want to prevent hairy bittercress from germinating in my pachysandra bed. Would you recommend Gallery, Freehand or another pre-emergent herbicide?

Howard County Maryland 8 months ago

how can i grow lots of basil indoors?

how can i grow basil indoors? i live in ellicott city and i have my herb garden in the window but they aren't growing. at all. they gemlike 7 hours of sun a day and i don't know whatswrong. please help. jack rudden

Howard County Maryland almost 2 years ago

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