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We have several boxwoods in our foundation plantings. We recently noticed a few branches were turning brown and seemed to be dying. We pruned back a few of these branches and noticed a white substance on the branches. I sprayed with Sevin as I suspected an insect infestation. The infested boxwoods may have to be replaced. The boxwoods are about 10 years old. I would like to save the rest of them, if possible. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. I have included photos. Thank you.

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Harford County Maryland over 3 years ago

I had a soil test done that indicates a need for phosphorus, and recommends...

I had a soil test done that indicates a need for phosphorus, and recommends 22 lbs./1000 sq ft. of triple superphosphate (0-46-0). This seems like a lot given that the application rate per 1000 sq ft on the bag is 1 Lb. Thoughts???


Harford County Maryland over 5 years ago

Hello! I'm writing to you about several otto luyken laurel shrubs in my yard...

Hello! I'm writing to you about several otto luyken laurel shrubs in my yard that are planted side by side to create a hedge. They are roughly 5 feet tall and are approximately 8-9 years old. Many of the trunks and branches are covered in a white mildewy looking powder. The leaves on these branches are yellowing, dying, have some holes in them,and are falling off. This happened last summer too and I ended up having to cut out the affected branches leaving some pretty big wholes in the shrubs. Nobody I asked at my local garden centers seemed to know what it was or how I should treat. It's starting to happen again this year. The shrubs grow pretty much in full sun, but there are no soil or drainage problems that I know of. If you could please help me figure out what to do and how to treat them? They're a beautiful hedge right in front of my house and to lose them would be devastating!!! Thank you so much; I would sincerely appreciate your advice. Kim Thompson kathompson8@gmail.com

Harford County Maryland almost 6 years ago

Red maple tree

We have one approximate 8 year old red maple tree planted on a hillside that has grown normally with no known problems until late last month. All of the leaves are tightly curled and dry, although not falling off the branches. I looked for evidence of insects including mites, nothing was found. The hill provides good drainage and with above average rainfall water does not appear to be an issue. Any thoughts?



Harford County Maryland trees abiotic issues 1 day ago

MCA Treated Timber sold as safe for community garden beds please advise

Are timbers pressure treated with MCA safe for community garden beds? HOME DEPOT recommends these for vegetable gardens, as in 8 ft by 4x4 timbers, using rebar as a connector. Our original beds were built with 12x4ftx2in lumber, untreated, using deck screws, as recommended by your community garden advisor from Harford County Extension Office. We are planning to build this Saturday, must get the Purchase order in today to get the check for Home Depot. I have not seen plans to build with 4x4 timbers using rebar, and would like an answer today. please call 443-807-9770.


Harford County Maryland raised beds wood preservatives miscellaneous 4 days ago

Ground hog

How do I get rid of them a litter of 5 or 6 means more problems. Ground hogs digging under my fenced yard and living under my shed outside of the yard


Harford County Maryland wildlife 6 days ago

Weeping cherry tree disease?

I am a widow, renting a house. There is a beautiful large weeping cherry tree in the back yard that by the end of June the leaves are turning yellow with black spots, and falling off. It starts out flowering and then the leaves provide a wonderful canopy for the yard but by August it is bare. This year it has been dropping some kind of blackish gunk. My landlord isn’t interested in paying for anything to salvage the tree except to cut it down if it dies. Is there anything that I can be doing to salvage this tree ?


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Harford County Maryland weeping cherry tree cherry shot hole disease 7 days ago

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

I have 3 out of 26 of my spruces turning brown. 2 are close but there is one between them that looks perfect and the 3rd one is on the opposite side of the yard 125 feet away. I sprayed them with some rose spray. Is there anything else I can spray them with to try to save them? I do not really see any critters on them. One small moth flew out of the one when I sprayed them.


Harford County Maryland shrubs abiotic issues dwarf alberta spruce plant care 8 days ago

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