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Hay and straw

How do I get added to the hay and straw directory


Garrett County Maryland over 2 years ago

Switching to Weck Jars

I am switching from Ball/Kerr Jars to Weck Mold jars which can handle the contents freezing without the glass breaking. My pantry is unheated and if someone closes the door in winter - I frequently lose a few jars. I pressure can everything because I don't trust water-bath methods. I am on Backbone Mountain at 2,650' per Google maps. A YouTube video said to process everything 5 minutes longer because of the thickness of the Weck jars. However, I am concerned that my elevation might change that figure. Also, I don't know if that figure was for water-bath canning or pressure canning. So I need to know what changes I need to do to my present recipes because of the switch in jars. And I need a more better source of information than YouTube for this.


Garrett County Maryland 11 months ago

My serviceberry tree is struggling

Hello, I live in Garrett County, and I have an Allegheny serviceberry tree that is struggling. It was planted two years ago. Sparse leaf canopy and leaves that there are not healthy. It has faded rapidly with all the rain this year. Has lichen on it (every tree out here does!) and a few black gashes or splits. Photos attached below. Disease or bad choice of spot to plant? Gets plenty of moisture (including runoff from road but no chemicals used here on shore of Deep Creek Lake). Thanks for any advice!


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Garrett County Maryland about 2 years ago

Dear Sir: I currently live in Colorado but own a farm in Garrett County that...

Dear Sir: I currently live in Colorado but own a farm in Garrett County that I lease to a farmer. I purchased the farm in 1995 and have been leasing 70 acres of crop land for $20/acre per year for a net income of $1260. I use a property manager and his fee is 10%/year. There has been no increase in the lease rate now for almost 20 years. It would seem that an increase might be fair at this point and more in line with current land lease rates. My accountant has concerns about the income to expense ration. The expenses are primarily related to insurance and property taxes and is almost double the income of the farm. I would most appreciate knowing what fair farm crop land lease rates are for 2014 in Garrett County. Please feel free to call me at (970) 416-8415 if you need additional information.


Garrett County Maryland over 6 years ago

Damaged bark on 4 year old maple.

We inadvertently damaged the bark on a sugar maple during transplant. I've gotten different responses...some say to let the tree heal by itself...others give products, some quite pricey to use. What's the best avenue??


Garrett County Maryland over 3 years ago

medical cannibas processor

I am interested in becoming a legal medical cannibas processor. What does a processor need to know?What is required?


Garrett County Maryland over 3 years ago

Orchard land in Western MD

I am moving to the Frostburg area of Maryland and am interested in setting up a personal orchard and small fruit farm if possible. Ideally we could sell extra at farmers markets and have some pick-your-own, but this wouldn't be a financial endeavor (potential extra income for a single-income family). I am wondering if there is suitable land in this part of the state (Garrett & Allegany Counties) and if so, what to look for when purchasing land?


Garrett County Maryland over 4 years ago

I was referred to you by Jen Durben of the Garrett Count Chamber of Commerce...

I was referred to you by Jen Durben of the Garrett Count Chamber of Commerce in relation to wedding planning. She listed the MD 4H Environmental Center as a possible venue. Could you please give me some info if this is something you accommodate? I was unable to find anything on your website about hosting large groups/events besides having a minimum of 30 &a maximum 158 guests.


Garrett County Maryland about 6 years ago

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