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Arborvitae brown spot leading to complete die out

My hedge of arborvitae is developing brown spots which in short order completely die out, leaving voids in the vegetation. What can I do to stop this ? Thank you

Cecil County MD over 3 years ago

Arborvitae brown spot resulting in die out

I have a hedge of 20 year old arborvitae which is beginning to develop brown spots in the green vegetation which leads to die out spots. What I can apply to stop the process?

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Cecil County MD over 3 years ago

Planting of Strawberries - Timing

I wish to plant a couple of 20' rows of June-bearing strawberries (i.e., Cavendish). If I plant this fall (2018) would I be able to harvest any fruit the following June (2019)? If I will not get fruit until June 2020 when planting this fall, then I might as well wait until Spring 2019 to start the rows. Advice? Tks


Cecil County MD fruit strawberry planting over 1 year ago

Native grasses that are particularly good or better at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

I'm working with a student who is wondering if there's been any research to date on the effectiveness of different native grass species removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, perhaps at different rates? The species we're interested in using for an experiment are panicum virgatum, andropogon virginicus, carex pensylvanica, chasmanthium latifolium, schizachyrium scoparium, and sorghastrum nutans.


Cecil County MD native grasses native carbon sequestration by native grasses miscellaneous about 1 year ago

Cherry laurels....

Please help me identify what is happening. Photo attached. Since last summer I've noticed Progressive loss of branches on some but not all cherry laurel. On closer examination I am finding a white sticky substance on some branches on interior tree. Also noticing small holes on some leaves, and leaf Browning then dying back of entire branches. U nfortunaty I can't figure out how to move picture from my gallery. Is it possible to come into office? Or can you provide an email far and I can forward that way. Thank you


Cecil County MD disease issues shrubs cherry laurel dieback pest insects and mites over 1 year ago

soil ph and composition

I'd like to have my soil tested prior to re-seeding my entire lawn for the fall, for best outcome. Where should I go for that? Anyone at your school do that as a public service?


Cecil County MD over 2 years ago

Cecil County. Lawn Fungus Control

We live in the Rising Sun Area. Our tall fescue lawn has recently developed several brown areas. Through the internet I have identified the problem as red spot fungus. The infected area is located in about 1/3 of my acre lawn. Do you have any recommendations on controlling this fungus and to stop it's spread?


Cecil County MD lawn red thread disease over 3 years ago

Odd squirrels

I have two squirrels with light brown tails and one which is all light brown. How unusual is this?



Cecil County MD wildlife over 3 years ago

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