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No flowers

We have a dozen or more Luna Hibiscus in our yard. They all have bloomed earlier in the season, but now are growing blooms ( pods ) that are dying without producing flowers. They are all doing the same thing.


Caroline County Maryland native luna hibiscus perennial hibiscus hibiscus moscheutos hibiscus not flowering flowers about 2 years ago

Identifying a Tick

My wife pulled this tick off her stomach today (January 4, 2019). It is partially engorged. Can you identify it? Can it be analyzed for pathogens?



Caroline County Maryland ticks insect or spider id 9 months ago

Browning and dying segments on Arbor Vitae limbs

These pale spots appear regularly then brown and die. I do not see insects. I cut off segments as soon I see them, but whatever it is is spreading. What is this condition called and what can we do? They have been well watered and I don't think they have been stressed. Hope you have some ideas. Ken


Img_1195_300x300%2523 Img_1194_300x300%2523 Img_1193_300x300%2523

Caroline County Maryland shrubs abiotic issues about 1 year ago

Our river birch trees are defoliating

We planted fhree healthy river birches last fall. They did well and looked good when they first leafed out this year. Soon one had yellow leaves and this progressed and on all three trees. When we returned from a two-week vacation Memorial Day weekend they looked as shown on the pics - very stressed. Our property is very sandy and the only ammending we did for planting was to add a generous amount of alpaca manure. this has worked well for our other plantings. We have not had the soil tested.


River_birch_1_300x300%2523 River_birch_2_300x300%2523 Rier_birch_3_300x300%2523

Caroline County Maryland river birch tree river birches declining over 3 years ago

July 27, I was walking a trail along Marshyhope Creek outside of...

July 27, I was walking a trail along Marshyhope Creek outside of Federalsburg, Maryland (Caroline County). I took a picture of a shrub (or small tree; it was about 5 feet tall) that I cannot identify. Would you be able to tell me what this shrub is? (Picture attached) Barbara Raskauskas



Caroline County Maryland identify plant plant id plant with compound leaves sweet sumac smooth sumac about 6 years ago

Green and orange habanero peppers on same plant with orange ones younger than green ones?

As a Maryland resident with a small garden I winterovered a habanero plant in my office. It has blossoms with orange peppers coming out and it also has inch long green ones. Why aren't they green as they start going to orange when ripe?



Caroline County Maryland vegetable peppers indoors over 3 years ago

Need to get rid of moles to have grass in the lawn

I seem to have moles in my yard that eat the roots of all the grass in the lawn. I now only have weeds and dead grass in the yard. How can I get rid of the moles and get the grass growing again>


Caroline County Maryland wildlife moles over 1 year ago

Nellie Stevens Holly, ~30 FT AGE ~40 YRS Noted problem when pruning yesterday...

Nellie Stevens Holly, ~30 FT AGE ~40 YRS Noted problem when pruning yesterday underside and top of leaves, mostly in the shaded portion of the the foliage. The underside has white deposits that appear to a trail from an insect that is at the end of the trail (scale?) On the topside black residue almost looks like a mildew. Thanks Tom



Caroline County Maryland shrubs holly cottony camellia scale over 6 years ago

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