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Urban Ag Agent

Would like to become a urban farm

Baltimore County MD 4 months ago

Crepe Myrtle

Something seems to be eating the foliage off my crepe myrtle Can you identify it and help with a solution please. Thank you!

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Baltimore County MD 5 months ago

2,4-H application in townhouse community

I am contemplating buying a townhouse in a community that sprays 2,4-H on the common grounds in the spring and fall. I like to grow vegetables and can put up a 4’ fence around the perimeter of a small side and back yard. Most neighbors behind me have opted out of spraying but not my immediate neighbor on one side. There is also a back deck on the second floor level. I am a cancer survivor. My sister and I both got breast cancer from my father spraying DDT when we were children so I am extraordinarily cautious about any herbicides and pesticide application. Could I feel safe A) growing vegetables in my backyard and b) sitting on my deck? Would it dissipate? If so, how long does it stay poisonous?

Baltimore County MD 5 months ago

american elder proper ground soil levels

i have an elder tree shrub that im putting in the ground and id like to test the ground soil levels and get recommendations for sambucas cannadensis . a tree was there but has been removed and i want to test the site. how can i do this ? can i send it to you my zip is near 21030 baltimore county maryland . how much soil and how much money and where to send it (adress) if you can help id appreciate it. my # 443-825-8563. if you cant help can you point me in the right direction
thanks, shane curry

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Baltimore County MD 5 months ago

What is eating the leaves of my Salvia, Flare

Is there anything that I can do to *stop the leaves of my beautiful flowers getting chewed all up , but what appears to be some type of unseen caterpillar or such? Also How often do I need to water my Tomato plants to produce beautiful fruit? Thank you for your help, Mitch


Baltimore County MD 7 months ago

What are white spots on hydrangea leaves?

My lace cap hydrangeas have white, cottony deposits on the underside of their leaves, perhaps larvae? They just appeared with this week's rains.


Baltimore County MD 7 months ago


I found what I think is a bat in my basement. There was a 1 inch hole in the window where it was resting. Could it have gotten through there? I eventually got it out through the window, but I am concerned if I have a problem. I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you


Baltimore County MD 8 months ago

Garden Pathway

I sent my question earlier regarding options for garden pathway but no picture. I'm attaching pictures. Thank you!

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Baltimore County MD 8 months ago

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