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what is this?

I just found this in my yard, what is it?

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Baltimore County Maryland 4 months ago

Soybean allergy

I’m having an allergic reaction to eggs and chicken that are feed soybean. This should be on labels for people like me. Both my pancreatic ducts enlarge and I suffer for days from all the bile and hormones that get into my system. I can’t eat solids until my pancreas calms down. Please add a label to soy feed chickens and the eggs they produce. Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland 8 months ago

Anyone want a hobby farm?

We raised our daughter as a 4Her on a small farm in Owings Mills and have now retired and moved to Ireland to join her, as she married into Ireland in 2009. Our small farm is now for sale. It is a little over 3 acres, has housed 2 horses, 1 donkey, 6 geese,10 chickens, 2 rabbits, 3 cats, and 2 veg and flower gardens and a small greenhouse. The property is in a protected area of Owings Mills, on Wards Chapel Road between Soldier's Delight Nature Preserve and Liberty Reservoir. We had completely renovated the farm house, small barn, and various outbuildings. It would be perfect for another 4H family. If interested, please contact Michael Nelson of Long and Foster realty (410-627-9990). Thank you. Pat Hartz and George Halpin

Baltimore County Maryland 11 months ago

light green leaves on cucumber plant

Hello. How do I treat my cucumber plant with light green to yellow leaves? I believe it is a nitrogen deficiency. It also has drown spots on leaves.

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Baltimore County Maryland about 1 year ago

1968 maryland farm land values

Good morning, I notice you tabulate historical farmland prices in Baltimore County. I have found values back to 2000 or so, and wonder if you have or can point me to data for Baltimore County farmland in 1968 or thereabouts? Thank you very much, Glenn Brown PS I found the info I am looking for, thank you. Best regards, Glenn

Baltimore County Maryland over 1 year ago

Mini pigs for family

We are considering getting a mini pig as a house pet. They are certainly adorable as babies, but how is the care as they grow. Do they get along with dogs? Are they easily housebroken? How big do they get? Does anyone in Baltimore County raise them?

Baltimore County Maryland over 1 year ago

discoloration of rhodo buds

Can you tell me what is causing the appearance of these rhodo buds? From previous experience, I expect that at least some of them will die without blooming.


Baltimore County Maryland duplicate question shrub plant id almost 2 years ago


how much of a threat is kudzu to our forests?

Baltimore County Maryland almost 2 years ago

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